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Thursday, January 12, 2017


According to a report in the (British) Daily Telegraph, the content of the now much argued Trump slander report was first commissioned by a Republican source, then a Democrat source and finally ended up being shopped around by parties unknown as yet.  At first I wondered if we would ever know.  Now I think the whole thing will unravel rapidly.  The ex MI6 spook is on the run and with people like David Corn in the mix, we can expect no profiles in courage.  

Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, 'terrified for his safety' and went to ground before name released

According to theTelegraph article Steele…….

"For months, he had been playing a dangerous game; tipping off journalists about what he said he had discovered from his sources in Russia about Donald Trump’s alleged dealings with the Kremlin, as well as claims that the FSB had hugely compromising information about Mr Trump’s activities during visits to the Communist country.
Mr Steele had been hired by a Washington firm to gather information on Mr Trump’s connections to Russia, funded at first by anti-Trump Republicans and, later, by Democrats. He also shared the information with the FBI."
So it would seem that at one time or other both the evil party and the stupid party put a high priority on seeing Donald Trump sidelined.  All that remains is to see who finally shopped this bundle of inuendo half truths and plain bullshit around to transparent weasels like David Corn.  It appears that both Republicans, Democrats and just plain wreckers all came together in this.
The inestimable Phil Giraldi has access to the whole document and has a most excellent article on it in The American Conservative.   I wrote the following comment sharing my deep thoughts on this farrago.
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    Thanks to Phil Giraldi for providing an expert and dispassionate summary of this matter at face value.
    Who marketed this “report” and commissioned it may never be known. What is significant to me is that whoever wants to see it hit the wires on the eve of Trump’s inauguration takes no account of the potential harm to American governance.
    I have more than a little experience in opposition research. The purpose of such is to sway an election, not crash an administration after the election. This material has only one purpose, to delegitamise the head of the entire Executive branch of the USA.
    My guess is that two things are going on here.
    a. The American left is studiously building a legend to which they can always resort.  Just like the legend that Reagan was a dunce or that the CIA smuggled drugs into LA, they don’t have to be true or even plausible, just a comfortable tale among friends.
    b. The left establishment intends to to achieve through the courts what they couldn’t at the ballot box. My guess is that a series of concocted or semi-real scandals are in the offing. This may be only the first. Eventually something must stick. Donald Trump’s style alone gives them hope.
    In the realm of politics it is only necessary to affix a name next to a noxious stimuli to achieve one’s goal.

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