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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Sean Spicer was bombarded with questions at todays White House press briefing regarding illegal voting.  Apparently, President Trump reiterated his belief that millions of Illegal aliens voted in this past Presidential election. He said this before but for some reason the coven of like minds who cover the president all agreed before the briefing that this needed to be their focus  for today.  

As well he might, Spicer seemed a bit ill prepared.  This is the third working day of the new administration and he may have naively presumed the main topic of press attention would be what the new President was doing that day.  

Several correspondents pressed home the questioning about Trump's basis for believing what he said, his sources and what he plans to do about massive illegal voting.  Questions hinting about the need for an investigation were posed, daring the President to confirm his statement.

Spicer parried these as best he could but was in no position to promise and investigation or anything else not on the agenda.

I say, take them up on it.   Treat these press questions as a call to arms by the tribunes of the public and start a real, painstaking  investigation.  Everyone in politics knows that illegal voting goes on and is seldom investigated or punished with rigor.  We needn't prove 4 million illegal votes, we just need to expose enough, followed by prosecutions to show the loyal population that we mean business.  The disloyal press will be left cackling that there weren't that many illegals voting and thereby show for the nth time where there loyalties lay.   

That will be a tactical victory.

Finally, another benefit of such an investigation would be to accelerate deportation proceedings against the illegal alien voters.  A twofer!

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