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Friday, January 6, 2017


Don't get prematurely excited but I've noticed an improvement in TAC's content of late.  Robert Verbruggen six writing entirely sensible articles and incredibly, my comments are no longer spiked as a matter of course.  What this means long term I have no idea.

Along with this I was delighted with a truly thoughtful piece by one Les Sillars about the deeper lessons to be had from examining the horror of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia.  I was expecting the usual blame shifting humbug only to be confronted by something much deeper and more poignant.  Bravo TAC for running this.  

It appear that TAC may be morphing into a bi-level journal.  The majority of hits still driven by the Dreher running freak show.  At the same time, serious adult writing by new, competent writers supplementing the already fine reportage by Pat Buchanan and Phil Giraldi.  

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