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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The following is a comment I left on Phil Giraldi's article taking apart Netanyahu's speech before the House of Representatives.  I should have elaborated enough to make a blog article.

Perhaps a bit off topic but, I was struck by Netanyahu’s reference to Haman, enemy of the Jews in the court of Persia during his address to his dupes in our House of Representatives.
Bibi, or his speechwriters, must assume that Americans are biblically illiterate. I say this because every child who studied the Old Testament knows that had it not been for the munificence of the old Persian (Iranian) empire, there would be no Jews in the world today.
If the Bible bears any relation to historical truth, the Jews were captives of Babylonia, a Semitic empire. They lost their kingdoms and were forced to living as disposed captives in Babylon. They were pressure to assimilate into the mass population of that empire. This certainly would have happened if Cyrus the Great, Iranian Arian ruler of the Persian Empire had not crushed Babylon. He then found the Jews useful, setting them back up in their old neighborhood, Palestine.
I’m not one to commingle biblical themes into current events. That said, it’s breathtakingly insulting for any Israeli leader to throw a bogus misrepresentation of a bible story at our faces while trying to gull us into fighting a war against our own interests. That is, the very people who set them free.
In fact, this might be a better reading of the Haman story. Haman was not of Iranian blood but sought to enflame the Iranians into attacking a third party for his own gain. If this isn’t a perfect description of Netanyahu himself, I don’t know what is; a conniving foreigner inciting violence among people not his own.

If the Old Testament Bible is their guide to righteous action, shouldn’t all those Christian-Zionists understand that were it not for the Iranians, Zion would not exist?

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Credit is due to of all people, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith).  VDARE whom I write for often, carried a blog post today about the SPLC's obviously bogus hate map. 

A Reader Reports The ADL Attacking The $PLC For Its “Wildly Inflated” Hate Map

bogushatemapBasically, they’re just making it up.
From: Richard Keefe [Email him]
In a recent news article, Mark Pitcavage of the ADL announced that Mark Potok’s SPLC “Hate Map” numbers are “wildly inflated.” I’ve posted this at my own site:
I feel a strong sense of chagrin  about this story because exposing the same story had laid in my to "do list" for some time.  Congrat's to Richard Keefe and the ADL.  They got there first.

I can only suppose that Keefe is a patriot.  

The ADL's motives are a bit murky.  The ADL and the SPLC are in the same business after all.  Hammering any opposition to the disestablishment of the American Nation is their game.  They are also competitors, for attention and the same lucrative funding source.  

It's been alleged that the SPLC supports itself in the grand style by gulling elderly left-wing Jews out of money by playing to their fears of pogroms that are always just around the corner.  Perhaps the SPLC is cutting into the ADL's fan/finance base.  It's also possible that the SPLC's bad reputation in the non-profit sector drove the ADL to put some distance between themselves and an embarrassing ally.  

In any event, my own take on the "Hate map" story above, was to see a pattern between the SPLC's listing of skin head hate groups in South Jersey and a ring of them around Atlantic City.  The Skin Head movement has been in decline for a long while.  My experience in law enforcement and exposure to the SPLC led me to guess that  the hate group cells in AC's surrounding  towns were in all probability, the residences of individual Skin heads, not actual organizations.  And so it seems that's what they are.

All I had to do was make a few calls to municipal PD's, especially gang task force officers and I would have had the story last year.  

Friday, April 3, 2015


This is another small example of one part of the media undermining the work of another.  This is from a health warning carried on Yahoo today.

Oh Dear!

Shigella infection is most common in children ages 2 to 4, according to the Mayo Clinic. The CDC report noted that thecurrent outbreak spread quicklyparticularly among children in childcare facilities, homeless people, and gay and bisexual men.

It appears that Shigella, like AIDS, is just another tropical disease its way to us.  Immigration and the sexual habits of our native deviates as usual, help things along for these poor refugee diseases.  But it's nice to know that even as our native sodomites give each other drug resistant Diarrhea, they can still force Christian bakers to sell them cake.  That's progressive!


I posted the following comment on a friends blog about the so called  Religious Freedom acts being enacted across the country.  It's amusing in a wry way to see the various governors and legislatures trying to square this circle.  They want to deny engaging in discrimination.  They also want to make it possible for Christians and others to discriminate on the basis of faith.  

The truth as usual, is obvious and verboten.  So, I'll spell it out.

Indiana was settled and led for two centuries, by this curious sect out of Europe called Christians.  Their beliefs, norms and folkways were reflected in their laws just as surely as such things are always reflected in republics with suffrage.   They were not all the same type of Christian, and some weren't practicing the faith at all.   Never the less, Indiana society worked rather well with laws derived from generally Christian norms.  There were always dissenters of course.  But Indiana went chugging along, fighting to free the slaves, developing world class industry and erecting serious universities.  

At some point good enough became the enemy of the emerging new class.  Legal minds steeped in alien ideologies and a new electronic national media decided that Christianity and the Christian people that created the country they lived in, needed to be suppressed if there was to be progress.  And this is how we got to be where we are now.

My comment:

This battle was lost in 1964, when Republicans in Congress went along with the Civil Rights Act. They pulled the noose over our necks and it has been tightening ever since.
This sort of travesty became inevitable when we the majority, gave up the right to discriminate. If you cannot decide with whom you wish to do business, you are no longer free - period. Freedom Isn't necessarily nice. But we gave up our freedom so as to avoid being seen as bigots, only to be dictated to by many of the same people we were trying not to offend.
We became a servile and sentimental people who flinch from upholding our own values. Indeed, if recent polling is to be believed, many of us are willing to change our values to accord with the laws. It used to be the reverse.
A citizen who cannot discriminate in his actions between what he perceives to be good and what he perceives to be iniquitous, ceases to be a citizen.
At least this latest episode make clear what many of have been saying for a long time. The ruling institutions and the coalition of dysfunctional of minorities who dominate those institutions have only one thing in common. They hate our traditions and will use the power we foolishly gave them to stamp out every vestige of normality and decency. They do it because we let them.

So, the governor's of Indiana, Arkansas and the rest are all laboring in vain.  They will never be permit to allow the application of Christian norms to everyday life.  They threw all that away in the 60's.  They funked the test then, to insist on liberty over servile conformity.  They now have no way of justifying what they want to do.  They have only the language of the anti-liberty party who deem discrimination in all forms save to disenfranchise whites, anathema.  

Our laws today reflects the will of a post-Christian, anti-Christian consensus so perfectly that any appeal to the common feelings of or traditions of the majority is a nullity.

At the same time, the laws they propose rather stupidly create a fracture point into which even more alien norms will flow.  Under Indiana's new law, what would prevent Muslim's from refusing cab service to people with dogs?  We are no longer capable of expressing in law what is or is not acceptable. 

When we threw the culture of our majority out, and with it the freedom of the majority to conduct themselves according to their traditions, we let in amoral, anarchic anomie.   

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


From Yahoo News…

Researchers Analyze Ronald Reagan’s Speech For Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s

I look forward to this headline sometime real soon.


Monday, March 30, 2015


I didn't really expect the Cruz campaign to read or respond to my plea to be left alone.  So they sent me another BS email, "Sent from Ted's own device."  So before putting Ted's urgent messages into the spam file, I shared the this special message….

Thomas Meehan

1:38 AM (18 hours ago)
to Ted
Obviously your campaign munchkins designed a donation system  impervious to actual feedback.  Good, I like that you are getting off on the wrong foot.  But Ted, I did read your last email. I don't understand why Sheldon Adelson hasn't endowed you with enough money to buy all the votes you need.  You made it clear you despise the Christians of the Middle East.  What more can Sheldon he want?  

In any event, fuck you very much for keeping in touch.

Thomas O. Meehan