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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Every time some Muslim, or nutter, or Muslim nutter goes on a firearm rampage all the ninnies with the bullhorn  start caterwauling against the 2nd Amendment.  From our head ninny, the President, to our more manly ninny, Hilary Clinton it's all about the guns.  And the gun that now holds pride of place among taboo objects in the AR15.  

I trained on an AR15 but have never owned one.  I almost certainly never will.  All the academics and other goody goodies proclaim that the little Armalite is an "Assault  Rifle" and an artifact of the devil.  Not that they believe in the devil in any case, but that's another topic. 

My writing this is probably a fools errand.  The anti-assault weapon mania rests not even vaguely on knowing what one is.  I just had this confirmed today when a good friend informed me that owning an AR was exactly like owning my own jet fighter plane.  

So let me share what I know and or observed.  

1. The AR15 is of course not an assault rifle.  No firearm lacking automatic fire capacity can be an assault rifle.  The entire point of creating actual assault rifles was to get a short length, fully automatic weapon firing a smaller than normal cartridge in the hands of infantrymen.  It's true that all such weapons were meant for combat.  But once you make such a weapon semi, rather than fully automatic, the whole concept is compromised.  How?

If you are going to design a firearm to be hand held, you must take into account the reciprocating nature of all automatic weapons.  The gun is going to try to jump around in the users hands so, fine accuracy is not as important.  The sights on an AR or that other metallic boogyman, the AK, are not designed to be terribly accurate.  They aren't just ornamental, but since the gun is made in mass quantities and fires a less powerful cartridge, it's far from a target gun.  So a nutter or Muslim using sights meant for a full automatic is actually at a disadvantage.

This was brought home to me the first time I held an AK.  The front and rear sights are quite close and the front sight is up on a kind of stalk.  This is not an ideal arrangement unless you are spraying rounds automatically.  The AR15 has a similar arrangement, that's why people modify them with optical sights.

BTW, while I'm on the topic.  Assault Rifles are themselves not rifles.  As they were designed to be short, handy weapons they should be called Assault Carbines.  I suppose it too late for that though. 

2. The AR15 fires a 22 caliber bullet.  Yes, it's a more powerful 22 than the plinking round we are all familiar with,  but it is the same diameter.  This round and the rifle that fires it are always described by the press as "Hi-powered."   That is poppycock.  It's illegal to hunt dear with this round in my state and many others.  The cartridge (223) has always been classified as a varmint cartridge.  That is, suitable for foxes, groundhogs and such.  Of course it can be, and is lethal to humans.  But to be frank, it ranks far down the list in lethality. 

It is well to remember that the army adopted this cartridge in the Sixties, under pressure.  It's also important to understand that from a military point of view, a wounded enemy is actually more desirable than a kill.  A dead soldier is a loss; a wounded soldier is a liability to the enemy. 

This is borne out in AR15 mass shootings.  Because of the relative weakness of the cartridge, most people either die on the spot or are released from hospital in a few days.  If you are to be shot by a Muslim crazy man, I hope it's not with an obsolete 30.06 from WWI. You can kill and Elk with one of those. 

3. Press ninnies usually know little about firearms and care less.  In this case, few of the ninnies know just how popular the AR15 is and how many are in use.  I was surprised to see how many versions of the AR are available now.  The gun has been around for a long time (Sixty Two years) and I suppose the patent has run out so everyone and his brother in the gun world is making them.  

For reasons expressed above, I don't personally get the AR15.  The AR must be made in modified form to be really useful and still fires a lackluster cartridge with limited range.  I can only hunt ground hogs with it and there are a lot better firearms for me to defend myself with. 

Understand dear reader that Americans have always had a way of adopting their military long arms for personal use.  Springfields, M1's, M1 carbines have all been sold to civilians in huge numbers over the 20th Century.  Varmint hunting, target shooting, personal home defense are all popular AR15 applications.  The little AR is reliable and I think ammo is relatively cheap.  There is little recoil so it's popular with teenagers and the mounting numbers of women shooters.  And it looks mean.  It's cool to look mean. 

This means that our cultural masters have no idea how ubiquitous their taboo object is.  They might as well try to confiscate all the lawnmowers.       

Monday, May 30, 2016


Back from a punishing, fraught vacation to Florida.  No need to go into details except to say that Route 95 is now the realm of Patel managed motels infested with bed bugs and roaches.  It matters not that the names are well known, so long as some Patel is running it,  beware!

One thing not to be blamed on the Indians was the weather.  They can't really bring their monsoons with them can they?  Giant storms going in both directions, made driving the distance much more tiring and at time a bit harrowing.  I will take the Amtrak car train from now on when going south. It's a pity that Amtrak doesn't offer this service to other destinations.  

Was marooned for three days on the return journey with a massive mechanical car failure.  Three days in a non-Patel hotel (LaQuinta) on the outskirts of Charlottesville VA.  Not good for the wallet.  Three days late into Washington and another deluge on leaving.  Sky cleared at the Pennsylvania border.  Could this be an omen?   

So, those of you who are regular readers should seriously consider making a contribution to my cause at the top of the page.  Paypal payments to me help in ways you can't imagine. I intend to write a lot more in this presidential year as well as sharing my efforts published elsewhere.  Feedback in the form of rings to the tip-cup have a very positive effect.  Thanks.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The following is my comment on UNZ Review to Phil Giraldi's excellent article on Trump's foreign address.

To hypothesize about Donald Trump's foreign policy agenda is what we all have to do as citizens facing an election.  Without the requisite mind reading machinery we are thrown back on what The Donald talks about most,  domestic economics and the effect foreign trade agreements have on same.  He appears to be a pragmatic nationalist with little investment in the status quo.  One suspects that in some cases he will veer from conservative  orthodoxy in order to get what he thinks is the best deal for the greatest number.  He has a refreshing tendency to speak of our "allies" and "trading partners" as consenting adults in a healthy competition; a much more rational approach than we are used to. 

Naturally this frightens all those parties whose rice bowl is filled by the status quo. Lets ber honest, if Trump had the mannerisms of a Harvey Mansfield he would still be called a dangerous nut.   Too many factions in American life depend on the repression of any healthy nationalist sentiment.  When these factions win, ordinary Americans lose. It must count for something that  both the Neocons and the internationalist economic parasites are his declared enemies.  Neocon antipathy to Trump is particularly revealing as it is a tacit admission that what is good for America  is bad for Israel.    

Donald Trump's personality is a legitimate cause for concern; but we must choose between a problematic new actor in the White House and a veteran operative among the wreckers of our prosperity and way of life.  What Trump might do vs what Hillary and company will do if given the chance.  

Sunday, May 8, 2016


In 2011 it was already clear to me that someone like Trump was going to make an appearance on our public stage.  I don't count myself as a sage or prophet, just a man who payed attended to the politics of my time as actually practiced, and with a view to History out of the corner of my eye.  After the Ron Paul phenomena, someone like Trump was almost inevitable. 

This is my comment  of 2011 posted in The American Conservative.  

Thomas O. Meehan says:
My perception is that the Tea Party is an outgrowth of a more important phenomenon. The masses of small business people, middle class Republicans and elderly patriots who have supported the party for many years have finally smelled the rat. That is, the National GOP responds to inputs from big donors and big players far more than it does to their own interests.

So while Ron Paul, the Tea Party and the populists still have a hard time getting heard, they are getting some traction. I believe that as the middle class base of the GOP is squeezed no matter who is in charge, they will listen to these messengers because everyone else they hear from is sticking it to them. They already have sent more than a few freshmen to Congress. Lets see if they keep it up with the Senate races.
There is the feeling of a real shift in the air. A feeling that things just cannot go on as usual. The difference between now and before is that the people ticked off are capable of organizing and funding primary challengers. They are setting up networks and the GOP is reluctantly listening to them. This isn’t some great jubilee but it is a ground swell.

Decrying the lack of character or wisdom within the GOP feels good but it does nothing for our agenda. For the better part of eight years, legions of so called conservatives have backed Bush and all the wars out of loyalty and a simple minded belief that questioning the war was equal to betraying “Our Side.” We need to remember that loyalty and persistence are not in themselves evil. The Tea Partiers know something has gone wrong. It won’t take all that much to get them to see that our eleven carrier battle groups and their kids unemployment have something to do with one another. Even the arm chair bombardiers will come around when their wallets are empty enough.

I went on to write this:

The crucial question is this, how do we rejigger the political rewards system to drive the congressional whores into doing our bidding. General Electric will always seek to influence government to its own survival and profitability. If Obama wanted to build pyramids instead of solar farms, only an idiot would believe that General Electrics pyramid division wouldn’t be up and running in a fortnight. A player that big in the US economy is tethered to government by a labyrinth of regulations, contracts and trade agreements. Of course they are going to be on the side of big government if their continued existence remains contingent on their government dependence. No plan of action can succeed without an overture to such large entities that guarantees their survival in the context of a low regulation, low military industrial output environment. In short, the way to cripple the “Welfare-Warfare” complex is to reduce it to the “Welfare Complex” alone. You can only get so much in campaign contributions from people dependent on the government in the first place.

Trump surely understands this.  Unless we believe that it is impossible to change the economic incentives of our system toward activities and sectors that actually benefit the American population, Trump is our only option.  He understands that Americans are not inclined toward philosophical altruism as motivation to action.  They will move mountains to succeed and make a buck.

The essence of success then, is to open ways for them to do both in objectively good causes.   

This is not a prediction. Trump is the only political actor on the scene who has both the inclination and the force of will to try this approach. He is our only hope for a break with a lethal status quo.  His is defects of temperament must be weighed in this light.  We must choose and hope.  

Monday, April 18, 2016


What to make of this image?  It appears for all the world like a fossilized Colt revolver sans barrel.  Perhaps it was taken under water.  In any event the NRA used it as cover art in a story about American Mariana's  draconian gun laws.  Still, it's an intriguing image.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


President Obama announced his intention to release anothercohort of convicted drug dealers last week [President Obama Grants Commutations, White House Press Secretary, March 30, 2016]. They’re just what you’d expect, based on his last get-out-of jail jubilee.
As I reported then, Obama simply proclaims previous sentencing guidelines to be unjust because too many minoritieswere caught up in mandatory sentencing. He offers no explanation as to just how many people who might be his sonsgot arrested in the first place. The President and his Social Justice Warrior appointees just see a lot of unhappy minority people behind bars and that’s enough to proclaim a four-alarm race emergency.
Obama commuted the sentences of sixty-one federal inmates. As in previous mass commutations, black males make up a freakishly high share of the total; that is, a whopping fifty out of the sixty-one (82%).
(Two inmates on the list released by the White House cannot be identified for certain via Bureau of Prisons records. There is at least a fifty-fifty chance that they too are black. The Bureau knows the inmates by inmate ID numbers but for some reason the Obama Administration doesn’t release this info when letting its favored malefactors go)
This is really an “in your face gesture.” Even if we assume that the system was out to get minorities, can we even entertain the idea that it was all about black men alone? What about black women and Hispanic men and women? Almost all these inmates were involved in drug distribution. What happened to all the Mexican drug pushers?
(The Federal Government refuses to differentiate Hispanic from Anglo-Americans. This goes for Prison records as well—seeHispanic Sex Offenders Listed As “White” In Wisconsin. Why? for pictures of this kind of Hispanic inmate. I list a commutee as Hispanic when the name used is Hispanic even when the inmate is listed as “White”).
As in previous releases, the male prisoners are a distinctly middle aged lot. Few were in their thirties and fewer still were beyond sixty. In short, they are not too old to get back in the drugs business before senescence sets in.
Perhaps this is like the Trayvon Martin effect. The president sees these men not as his sons—but as himself! We do need to recall here that he was an enthusiastic drug taker in his youth.
It’s interesting that the only Asian on the list is from Hawaii and is pushing seventy. That would be just the right age to haveprovided the young Barry…Oh, let’s not go there.
As also in Obama’s previous tranche, note the tiny proportions of whites and Hispanics found deserving of clemency by our first post-racial President—five whites and three Hispanics. (8% and 5%).
This is par for this Administration’s course. All previous efforts were heavily loaded to toward black males as well.
Another curious deviation from administration PC orthodoxy: the gross slighting of women prisoners. There were only five. And one of them was white!
Yet women were used to sell the effort. Obama staged his clemency announcement with a lot of orchestrated bonhomie: “Over a burger, Obama talked with four women and three men whose sentences were commuted about what it was like to get a second chance.” [Obama gives second chance to 61 convicted drug offenders, By Alana Wise, Reuters, March 30, 2016]
They should have asked him why he left so many of their sisters behind.
Eight on Obama’s list were also convicted of firearm offenses—seven were black and one white.
This is surprising for a President who gets so agitated over “Gun Crime.” After all, these eight were felons in possession of deadly weapons. Don’t wait for anyone in the Main Stream Media to bring this up, however. That’s what is for!
It also shows a peculiar view of “Non-violent” felon behavior. Are we to assume that these felons were carrying guns out of an inferiority complex? Drug criminals carry guns out of fear of their illegal competitors. This doesn’t make them any less dangerous to the rest of us.
If President Obama was serious about getting the more harmless inmates out of the federal prison system, there are ways to do that. Everyone who deals with inmates, as I have, knows there are some who are no threat to society. But instead Obama chose to flaunt his black agenda in our faces.
The cowardice of the MSM in covering the President on this issue is striking, even by their disgraceful standards. They can read the numbers as well as I can. But our first post-racial President knows that no one in the MSM establishment will call him out. He can promote his arrogant Afro-centric chip-on-the-shoulder obsessions and no one will have the professional commitment to question his obvious bias.
And yet reality has a way of catching up with this sort of imposture. While following Obama’s antics, I happened so to speak upon the other end of the telescope.
The U.S. 1 Newspaper, a local but quite good free paper covering Princeton and the Route 1 Corridor in New Jersey, recently carried a story about corporate security and the avoidance of mass shootings. Barry Brandman of Danbee Investigations cited the following as an example of what can go very wrong:
On February 25 of this year Cedric Larry Ford, a painter at Excel Industries in Hesson, Kansas, entered the factory where he worked carrying an AK-47-style assault rifle. He raised the gun, hesitated for a moment, and then began shooting into an assembly line where workers were making lawnmower parts. By the time a police officer shot and killed Ford, three people were dead and 14 others injured.
That kind of incident could be avoided with stricter screening procedures, Brandman says. At the time of the shootings, Ford was on probation for a series of felonies in Miami, some of them violent and some related to firearms. “This individual had criminal tendencies and violent tendencies,” Brandman said. A comprehensive background check would have revealed the recent violent convictions, but that’s only half the story. To be effective, screening procedures have to be calibrated to disqualify anyone who poses a risk of violence.
“We have had some company executives that we’ve dealt withwho are big believers in giving second chances. But I think that needs to be counterbalanced with reasonable prudence if an individual within the last three to five years has shown propensity for violent behavior,” Brandman said.’
Brandman says employers should get legal advice to make sure their hiring procedures follow all local laws. For example, in New Jersey, background checks are allowed but employers cannot ask on initial contact if an applicant has a felony record, thanks to recent “ban the box” legislation designed to give reformed criminals a fair chance to re-enter society.

Brandman also advises companies to follow up on employees if there is probable cause or reasonable suspicion, after they are hired, to see if they have committed any violent crimes or firearms violations. “Let’s assume an employee gets into a heated argument with a coworker and makes threats. That would beprobable cause, and they may want to look into the individual and see if there’s been any criminal activity,” Brandman said.[Emphases added]
[How to Stop a Rampageby Diccon Hyatt, March 23, 2016]
Maybe having just gotten out of the pen after serving decades for a gun-related drug distribution rap might be a kind of “probable cause”?
cedric(The shooting by black factory worker Cedric Ford–pictured right–is anexample of what James Fulford of has called a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre.” See Kansas Mass Shooting Featured Black Gunman In Hispanic-Dominated Factory,February 25, 2016.)
Brandman goes on to advise his corporate audience to be on the lookout for an employee who “…feels they have been disrespected or insulted by others because of ethnicity or religious beliefs.”
The current idea is that businesses must swim upstream in the waters of prison reform and ultra-sensitive Civil Rights law.Increasingly public policy from on high and at the state level is toward the “Second Chance.”
Thus we must prepare to accept, willingly or not, a stream of felons whom our Minority Occupation Government views as another special class.
Unless, of course, we get a good election.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


The airwaves and net vibrate with a tabloid story that Ted Cruz may have multiple trysts in his past.   The manner in which the story is constructed looks like it has some sort of substance.  I have no inside information on this God knows.

Isn't it remarkable that Cruz has a lasciviously human side? 

I had my doubts that Cruz was fully human until now.  His android personal affect, his Guy Fawkes mask of a face and his scripted robotic delivery, all pointed to a completely artificial life form of some kind.  I admit that he raised the hair on the back of my neck.  He seemed to me like that odd guy who gust sitting alone at the end of the subway car, makes all else on the car anxious.  

Knowing him to be human enough to want to shag on the side may be his one recognizably human trait.  But can we actually visualize him in rapturous adultery?  It's hard.  I have visions of say, octopi in some silent, alien reproductive transaction, deep, cold and far from the sun-warmed surface where life as we know it plays. 

It's also tiresome to see the secret mistress expose' play out.  Monogamy is not our natural state and high status males are biologically driven by our simian ancestry to seek mating with all the available females in their orbit.  Our post Christian age undermines monogamy at every turn while still retaining the option to feign outrage.  

On the other hand, if Cruz's Mistresses were coupling with him out of a perverted desire to do so with a robot, that would be really, really kinky.