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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Well that was refreshing.  I must credit myself a bit here.  As a person with a political background I'm used to being pressed for election predictions.  Did I predict yesterdays outcome.  Not precisely.  I did however maintain that something was going on beneath the surface of the electoral lake.  I did so on election night just before the first rickety projections.  

I overheard too many pro-Trump quips from seemingly random apolitical citizens.  I knew too many once anti-Trump Republicans who came to fierce Trump loyalty.  I saw too many knowing looks on the faces of people who had just had enough.  Everyone noticed that Trump rallies were like the sermon on the mount while Hillary's were like a mixed freak show  and funeral directors convention.  I also noticed two things that flew in the face of the narrative.  For all the odium directed at Trump, his lawn signs were more numerous and  planted on the lawns of prosperous homes.  Finally, I knew a lot of local Trump supporters and not a single one of them fit the profile of uneducated white bumpkin. There were numerous other early temblors hinting at the impending Trumpquake.'

I stayed up late enough to see the result through.   I celebrated by tossing some firecrackers off the patio and proceeded to get a good nights sleep.

My explanation for all this?  Just like Steve Sailor, I think the white population came home to the GOP.  Why?  Because for once a genuine nationalist sounding candidate got to the head of the ticket.  The folks in flyover country,  have understood that the Democrats despise them only just a bit more than the Republicans.  This accounts for the stiffs the GOP foisted on their loyal voters for a long while.   (I include both Bush's of course).  The percentage of white voters who are willing to come out to vote for a GOP that betrays them kept shrinking.  This time they had a candidate who appealed to them.  It's that simple.  Seventy percent of the voting electorate is white.  

The reluctance of those polled to lie about their choice to avoid the sin of  political incorrectness is being discussed. No one is denying this time. Clearly a great many people knew who they were "supposed" to vote for.  And just as clearly they voted with the middle finger toward the elite.  

Another matter that I sense without being able to quantify is the beginnings of a cadre of Hispanic voters for Trump is not for the GOP.  I sense that Hispanic veterans and Hispanics in general who have been in the country for a while are assimilated enough to take a patriot/nationalist turn.  We'll see if this is just my hallucination.  

Finally, it's fun to watch Chas. Blow and the other professional blacksplainers lose their composure on CNN and and MSNBC. These characters are so used to presenting their wounded blackness as the universal answer to all questions that they can't adjust to the mere loss of an election.  It will be interesting to see how the whole lefty press negotiates the next four years.  

Friday, October 21, 2016


 I just tuned into the roast hosted by Cardinal Dolan. Trump is using his speaking time to attack Clinton, directly and artlessly! He Isn't even trying to be funny. How can this man be the better choice and be such a monumental asshole? My first inclination is to just not vote and let History take it's coarse without my insignificant participation. Sincerely I say, may God help us all.

After a day…...

I will vote, and vote for Trump. That doesn't mean I will delude myself about the character of my choice.  The Alternative to Trump is just too awful.  I spent a lifetime in politics and have seen the sausage being made and have gotten really close to some of the butchers who make it. They, both sides, feed on the enthusiasm of a well-meaning public. 

As to the Al Smith dinner, I can remember when opponents did sit at the same table and treated each other in a civil, jocular manner. I miss that. I miss it because what happened at this years dinner reveals the sad fact that we now live in a society with too competing cultures. These cultures are irreconcilable and are heading to open conflict. This will end badly and the Old Republic in which I was born will not emerge no matter who wins.

The Al Smith Dinner has been a mechanism for the Catholic Church to remind politicians that ultimately politics is not the highest human endeavor.  We are called to live together in one society as people with obligations to each other and the common wheel. Sadly, our ideological and racial divisions make this almost impossible. Too much rests on our established politics of division and envy.  

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Is An Age Of Neeras And Humas Upon Us?

Thomas O. Meehan October 20, 2016, 11:23 pm A+ | a-
See also: Patels From Hell: Importing Fraud From The Indian Subcontinent
The late poet Dylan Thomas had a habit of urinating on the rugs of those unwise enough to invite him to their country homes. Naturally, this brings to mind Neera Tanden. [Email her]
For those not already enjoying the WikiLeaks view into the catty hell that is the Clinton campaign, Tanden is the advisor who laments the presence of “White Boys” on team Clinton. But let’s let her speak for herself via WikiLeaks.
“I’m not the diversity police but there is grumbling on the 4 white boys running next presidential cycle. So I recommend rolling out some people who look like the rest of America soon!” she urges Podesta [ Email him] on Jan. 14, 2015. [WikiLeaks Podesta Emails 6144, January 17, 2014]
“Really, don’t you think I know that?” he responds.
“Yeah I know you know it. But in case people feel intimidated in making direct comments to Hillaryland, I thought I’d let you know of the grumbling I’m hearing directly. But maybe that was my mistake,” Tanden replies. [John Podesta Asked Hillary Clinton to Court ‘Needy Latinos’ in WikiLeaks, By David Catanese,, October 12, 2016]
Ms. Tanden Isn’t fond of white men but she has been connected to one white woman since 1996—Hilary Clinton. Why all the antipathy?
Neera Tanden was born to an Indian immigrant couple settled in Bedford, Massachusetts. Her father abandoned her mother and the five-year-old Neera to return to India.  Left without resources, they were supported by the American taxpayer with welfare, Section 8 housing and food stamps [Neera Tanden likely to get key position in Hillary administration,AmericanBazaar, July 29, 2016]
So, like many others who benefit from public support, Tanden finds it difficult to forgive our kindness. Having to stand in line with poor Americans for stuff set her on a crusade to remake our society. If that isn’t peeing on our carpet for letting her in, what is it?
She has been on a rampage ever since against bad men who don’t do right by women. Too bad she concentrates on we American bad men. Surely it is Indian bad men she should be after. But in fact, like a lot of Indian-Americans, she relishes the approval of her homeland. [ Hillary is a role model & a friend’, by Nikhila Pant, Times Of India, March 11, 2007]
Since 1996, right out of Yale Law School, Tanden has devoted her life to the cause of Clinton. Perhaps it’s the woman wronged by the bad man that drew them together? When opportunity knocked, she did work for the Obama Administration, and did a lot of damage to the rest of us as an architect of ObamaCare.  But that only led to service as Hilary’s advisor as Secretary of State.
In the claustrophobic world of distaff-rulers of the universe, the marketplace has no place. Indeed, Tanden bridles at the very idea of doing anything beyond finding ways to separate taxpayers from their money:
“I never worked in the private sector for very long, I worked on childcare, afterschool, health care for people, increasing the minimum wage, increasing taxes on the wealthy and a whole host of policies that are pretty progressive.”
[Don’t Mess With Neera Tanden, Hillary’s Twitter-Loving, Self-Appointed Secretary of Defense, By Jason Zengerle GQ, June 23, 2016]
A “whole host of policies,” I might add, all the rest of us have to pay for.
In the same article, she is quoted making the amazing claim that progressives don’t focus enough on issues of race. Can it be that she is the only Lefty who doesn’t watch CNN? She appears on it often enough.
Tanden obsesses about race a lot. In a gushing Washington Post piece, we learn that:
Tanden and her backers like to frame her job as reflecting a generational change, a shift from white male management to a younger face with color. She peppers her high-speed commentary with second-generation references, including how, because of the “Indian thing” she named her 9-year-old daughter Ilina, a Sanskrit word meaning “possessing high intelligence,” and nearly called her 6-year-old son Jadvana, meaning ‘victory and strength,” before settling on Jaden. (“A name that ends in a vowel is not a gift you want to give your son in America,” she said.)
[Think-tank post puts spotlight on veteran Democratic operative Neera Tanden  By Jason Horowitz November 3, 2011]
Apparently Tanden’s racial victimhood forces her to get by with a house in Chevy Chase, oversight of over a $40 million a year think tank (The Center For American Progress—CAP) and a stay-at-home artist hubby (who is white).
Tanden has been playing this phony race obsession from the beginning. According to WaPo’s Horowitz, she was a “nerdy girl” high school debater with a “dream of practicing civil rights law.” But her early dreams of righting the wrongs of America were
…dashed by the 1990 early retirement of liberal Justice William Brennan from the Supreme Court. Tanden’s logic, as she explained through tears at the time of her future husband, artist Benjamin Edwards, was that a conservative-tilting court would never side with her arguments. Implicit in the thinking was that Tanden envisioned herself arguing before the Supreme Court.
This is actually an insight into both the Indian and progressive mind. Why argue before a court you don’t already control? That type of thinking goes a long way in explaining Tanden’s desire to advance through connections within the executive branch. There, you can just make people do what you want.
Tanden went on to be the vice president of the UCLA student body on a “slate of students of color.” Surprise, surprise!

As readers can see, Tanden is no more dark-skinned than many white Americans. And as readers of know, Indians were classified as white a generation ago. They got all racial on us when it paid to be non-white. The first few times this writer saw her on cable I assumed she was an Arab or some other Mediterranean. She looks a bit like the princess in a Disney version of the Arabian Nights.
This racial chip on the shoulder coupled with that certain racial ambiguity fits perfectly with Obama and the mulatto elite thathe ushered in. That is, leaders who look and sound white but with the power to up the ante by virtue of their fauxvictimization. It’s like magic, only without anything being hidden. They pull their tricks and we are supposed to clap anyway, or else.
My interest in this Indian mentality isn’t academic. WikiLeaks emails between Tanden and John Podesta reveal that as theWashington Post put it
Podesta, who stepped aside to pursue projects including helping out Secretary of State Clinton, noted that the president’s new confrontational posture reflects the advice of CAP, and that his jobs bill bears a lot of CAP ideas. Obama’s sudden preference for executive orders is also out of its playbook. [Link in original]
I.E. Podesta and Tanden’s policy papers before and after they switched seats.
The model of a permanent shadow government peopled by dyspeptic drones with foreign angles is already upon us.
Get ready for the age of Neera and Huma and all their brothers and sisters.
Thomas O. Meehan (email him) is a free-lance writer and former government Senior Research Analyst and Inspector. A refugee from the People’s Republic of New Jersey, he now lives in Bucks County PA. He blogs from Odysseus On The Rocks.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


As we all watch Hillary's life-force evaporate with  her every appearance, the question must be asked. If she wins the election, we face the very real probability of a President Kaine.  When the inevitable happens, can we be blasé about the result?  This is not to say that Hilary must win.  But we must have a care if that happens.

Since the 1990's we have been led by: a psychopathic hillbilly erotomaniac, a proud fool wet brained aristocrat, and a half African misanthrope who owes his life to affirmative action.   Do we really look forward to a President "Tim."  

Tim comes across to me as the Democratic answer to Kasich.  He exudes good will and compassion while operating with all the calculation and guile of any other politician grasping for the main chance.  He just accused Trump of threatening Hillary's life.  Kaine may have gotten his politics from the marxists of Honduras, but he wasn't raised in Honduras. He was raised right here in the USA and has heard people point out the fatuousness of anti-second amendment politicians surrounded by armed bodyguards, dispute the right of ordinary citizens to defend  themselves.  It's a commonplace observation, and when he pretends to be shocked  he is lying.

A gloss of his wiki page confirms all my suspicions .  He was a member of the infamous Gang of Eight, working to flood our country with ever more low skilled peasants from  Latin America .    

His early education was at the hands of Jesuits, always a bad sign.  

He can't get enough of the LGBTQXYZ agenda and can be counted on if elected President to bend all the machinery of government to satisfy their endless and twisted demands.   

He has a collaborative history with FBI Director James Comey.  They and a few other Virginia public figures wanted some criminals transferred to federal courts in order to effect heavier sentences.  Comey must have mellowed, given his get out of jail free treatment of Kaine's running mate.

He voted to impose state sales taxes on internet purchases.  So don't expect him to be a  "give the suckers an even break" sort of leader.  

And finally, also from Wikipedia:
On September 27, 2007, just weeks after appointing Esam Omeish to the 20-member Virginia Commission on Immigration, Kaine learned that Omeish had made videos accusing Israel of genocide and calling for the impeachment of President Bush.[95] Kaine immediately requested and received Omeish's resignation and said that background checks would be more thorough in the future.[96]  
So Kaine knows where the money comes from.

Kaine used his law license to hammer Richmond VA landlords on behalf of wretched of the earth eager to expand their path of destruction through Richmond's housing stock.  

Judging by his campaign photos, Kaine has an almost cuddly, angelic look. He radiates trust and concern.  I hate that in a man. 

Seriously, this lefty do-gooder with an agenda has the potential to damage use more than his running mate, Grendel's mother.

Friday, August 19, 2016


John Mc Loughlin left us this week and his show departs with him.   I, and most of us who came through the conservative movement of the late 20th Century  will miss him and the show very much.  Don't expect anything like it to come a long soon; not in our dumbed down bought off political culture.  The show had a particular resonance for conservative Catholics  of the old school.  This set it apart from the neoconservative pap passing as conservatism today.  Let's reflect that the show started and remained on Public Television.  They won't make that mistake again. 

The show had a rough and tumble air with such as Jack Germond and other professional journalists of the 80's.   They were print journalists who had paid their dues, drank and had less time for guff.  Guests were cast for strong personalities and equally strong political attachments.  The mythological spirit of journalistic objectivity was never a household god on John's show.  We all can thank John for keeping Pat Buchanan before the public eye as a living saint of the old paleoconservative faith.  John's church even had its own gargoyle in form of Eleanor Clift, the shrieking embodiment left wing womanhood. 

Later, characters like Morton Zuckerman appeared.  If less honest, they were at least well informed, with their agendas obvious.  

I  think John McLoughlin  may have past into history at just the right time.  He gave the awful Tom Rogan, loathsome National Review ex-Brit Neocon authority in putting episodes together.  In due time, the show would have descended into  another outlet for crypto-zionist agitprop.  With John's passing the show dies a clean death to be enjoyed in our memories.  God bless you John. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Summing up a publication's essential spirit in one go is a risky temptation.  This, however is just too telling to resist.


BY Daniel Oppenheimer  

[The May/June issue of The American Conservative featured Jonathan Bronitsky’s review of Daniel Oppenheimer’s new book Exit Right: The People Who Left the Left and Reshaped the American Century. This article is the first in an exchange between Bronitsky, Oppenheimer, and Samuel Goldman. Be sure not to miss Bronitsky’s“Who Are the Ex-Conservatives? and Goldman’s The End of Political Conversions?”]

Thus a colloquia among Oppenheimer, Broditisky and Goldman encapsulating the essence of TAC.  That is three characters who are in no way conservative themselves sharing their deep thoughts about a movement alien to them.  Isn't this TAC in a nutshell?   

Almost from the beginning, TAC found itself a sort of tiki bar for those shut out of the harsh sun of  corporate and neocon political dominance.   It's all about losers resentment.  And like all losers, TAC wants to be on top.  That is why TAC also hates paleo-conservatism.  How can they ever have influence if they also adhere to traditional, national conservatism?

TAC has been trying and failing to make itself into  a sort of movement for years now.  I suggest that this is a fools errand given that they are a haven for resentful particularists.  Normal citizens demand parties and movements with clear, plausible goals and messages.  TAC's editorialists and writers are incapable of delivering anything like this.  All they have uncommon is that they can't get on FOX. 

In their long exile from actual politics, they posture as the thoughtful, reasonable conservatism  Americans  really wanted. This has been their pose for so long they know no other.  They will never succeed because they are  driven by their own need for otherness.  

Trump's primary triumph must be deeply galling considering that he borrowed so heavily from the hated Paleo's  playbook.  I wonder how they propose to proceed in a political climate where their allies are liberals and Neocon's?   Perhaps some of them might revel in the "Strange new respect" references that might come their way.  Then again, the Neocon's are much better poised for this role.  Some Neocons, like Kagan have already defected  to Hillary.  

They will survive in the short term. As the headline suggests they will endure as the home of those who see conservatism as a topic to be picked over rather than a cause.  I suspect TAC will simply fade away at some point due to lack of plausibility and a lack of academic and journalistic hacks willing to write for it.   

Or perhaps some conservative  Daddy Warbucks will pick up the tab and TAC will become a journal of some sort of Trumpism.  If Trump wins, he and his cohorts will need an outlet of their own.  That would be  the ultimate justice for the TAC humbugs.

NOTE: A thoughtful friend brings up the point that Trump has no defined political philosophy.  So, let me make this clear re the Daddy Warbucks option.  I do  think that Trump  has a core set of  impulses.  If he becomes President, some vehicle for his thinking and that of those advising him would be necessary.  His movement would not be the first to have to make itself up on the forge of events as it went along.