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Sunday, December 14, 2014


CNN of all people, are doing God's work tonight.  The usually politically correct network took time out from their drive to encourage black discontent to run a documentary defending private property  and western entrepreneurialism.  It's called Dinosaur 13.

Westerners and Americans in general have always been collectors, curio hounds and rock and fossil collectors.  For most of our history, this national trait was of little or no interest to the federal government.  

That has changed. occasionally runs accounts of old coots who find themselves facing SWAT raids by the FBI.  Their crime, possible possession of stuff that the government thinks they should not own.  

The federal government, in collaboration with environmentalists and grasping eggheads living off tax free institutions have decided that private individuals have no business collecting anything they consider part of our "priceless heritage."  Of course they know full well that none of such heritage would have survived at all but for generations of private collectors, history buffs, and eccentrics of all kinds.  But in the spirit of our age, only credentialed affiliated boffins are perceived to have standing in almost any walk of life.  

I've noticed that for years, American archeologists have been lobbying for european style laws essentially proclaiming anything one finds in the dirt as property of the nation.  This collectivist imposture should be more shocking to us, but we are accustomed to such claims. 
The federal government can now use the full force of law to take things from you that the people of good opinion deem too important for you to possess. 

This is the story of Dinosaur 13.  Local fossil hunters in South Dakota were too successful in in locating dinosaur fossils.  When they paid some Indian five thousand dollars to dig a bit of his property they found the single best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found.  They had been in the fossil excavation and sale business for a while but this was the find of a century.  

They painstakingly excavated and preserved the find, which they dubbed Sue.  Sue became the centerpiece of their local museum and obviously a cause of much covetousness among the credentialed mediocrities in their labs.  At some point the eye of the federal government  opened and fixed on this little enterprise.  The story from that point is the sad chronicle of a federal prosecutor and the full weight of our ridiculous government to steal  this magnificent find from its rightful owners.  

I urge you to see this great tale of enterprise and betrayal.  This story is such an affirmation of the American spirit that I'm sure the producers are being fired for it as we speak.

As for the rest of us, beware.  Guys with metal detectors, arrowhead collectors and just plain rock hounds, are subject to that SWAT knock on the door at any time.  

Friday, December 5, 2014


Jimmy Carter* reminded us of how clueless he always was today in Princeton.  Addressing 800 credulous characters, he delivered one of his hallmark scolds about rampant campus rape.  

He recited the inevitable bogus rape statistics foisted on us by distempered feminists as though they bore some semblance to reality.  This is an easy task as, so far as I can find, there are no pro-rape factions of institutions.  

Cruel fate being what it is; "He also cited the allegations that a female student at the University of Virginia has made about being gang-raped by seven men in a fraternity house, while another student watched."

Ha said this just as  the whole UVA rape allegation came undone.  Like most things hatched by feminists, it was a clumsy hoax.  The story was repudiated by its publisher.  Lena Dunham's rape fantasy is likewise falling apart.  

The Princeton Packet went on to write:

"The 90-year old former president was at the university to promote his latest book, Call to Action; Religion, Violence and Power, and to sign copies."

So we have a sad tableau, the people of good opinion congratulating ourselves on their high mindedness while selling each other books, all in the service of pieties sans justification.   News of this hoax will not change their view of the world.

*  I suspect millions of James's give thanks, that President Carter insists everyone address him as "Jimmy."  


FOX's Niel Cavuto, of FOX Business Report, suffered a narrative collapse this afternoon when Dr. Alveda King, a relative of Martin Luther King Jr. slipped a complaint in about "Bringing in immigrants to take our jobs."  She was making the point that jobless young blacks are more likely to encounter police with unfortunate consequences when they are unemployed.  This is undeniably true.  Low skilled Immigrants take jobs previously held by blacks.  

According to WIKI, "She was the first of five children of A. D. King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr.,

She is also a former state representative of Georgia and a Minister.  

Cavuto responded to this diversion from his narrative about police brutality by hand gestures and fast speaking to keep the good Dr. on track, but too late.  

America's first black president is doing everything in his power, including things not in his lawful power, to increase unemployment among blacks.  How else to explain his insistence on making it possible for illegal latin American aliens to compete with Americans for jobs?  Cavuto works for FOX which likes immigration as well.  But they are trapped into addressing it in a away that satisfies their corporate patrons without giving the game away to their loyal white viewers.

Dr. King made another and refreshing point.  The mix of policing for public order and policing for revenue is a factor.  

The most frequent time policemen encounter white people is during the course of traffic stops.  Whites live in their homes and cars and places of work for the most part.  Blacks live a lot more on the street. This means that cops, who are promoted on the basis of how many arrests they make, are going to arrest a lot more blacks than whites.  This is not to say that blacks on the street aren't committing crimes large and small.  They are. And they commit more crime than whites.  

Dr. King is on to something though.  As our laws expand to more and more areas of behavior, and the government’s impulse to fine these behaviors grows, along with the size of the fines themselves, blacks suffer the most.  Blacks like poor whites, are being squeezed by immigration and outsourcing out of the labor market.  Our government on all levels is increasing fine amounts to levels unheard of not long ago.  Is it too obvious to note that squeezing people of limited means is a poor source of either revenue or civil peace?

It's doubtful that the GOP can do anything to gain more black voters.  Still, drawing a connection between immigration and Democrats, and the further impoverishment of native blacks might just work around the margins.  Word gets around, even on the street.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We are under constant bombardment over racial matters now.  It seems all the news fit to print must have at least one racial subtext.

The President openly seeks to tip the racial balance of the country by granting privileges to illegal Latin American aliens, thus encouraging more to come.  This, while it becomes harder and harder for Europeans to immigrate to our country, a country their ancestors founded.  The political class, the academics and the media all report this Latin invasion in the same manner that they report the weather.  Nothing can be done.  Change, in the form of the racial and cultural balkanization of our society is inevitable.  For the White majority to intervene is to summon up the devil. Whites are not supposed to notice their own disposition. 

The cable networks are obsessed with a common, everyday shooting in an run down suburb of St. Louis.  They keep this racial injustice meme up even after the “Victim” was exposed as a strong-arm felon who attacked a policeman.  Like Trayvon Martin, the “victim” turned out to be a thug who brought his fists to a gunfight and lost. 

What strikes me is that in both issues, immigration amnesty and Ferguson, the majority population’s interest in public safety and social solidarity are sacrificed without question by people in the media and government who know precisely what they are doing. 

By picturing everything that happens as a morality tale of minority suffering against white aggression, the media and the President incite minority crime and delusional entitlement feelings.  The President and his Attorney General made their sympathies known on behalf of both the Latin illegals and rampaging blacks of Ferguson.  The President of all the people is more than happy to openly show his own racial preferences and animosities in way unthinkable for any white politician.

Consider this.   The President surrounds himself with an inner circle of close advisors like Valerie Jarrett , Susan Rice,  Jay Johnson, and Eric Holder, all black.   Repeatedly, competent cabinet level appointees have resigned or been fired for not getting through to the President.  He surrounds himself with people of his own race who serve as a buffer between him and unpleasant realities.  It is reported that the President’s only personal friends are fellow blacks from Chicago whom he has flown in to the White House for gatherings.  So much for our first post-racial President?  He is all about race. 

He inserts himself into local contretemps that have no federal connection except that race card.  He did this when Boston Police detained Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.  He did it again in the Trayvon Martin case and he is doing it now over Ferguson.   Imagine the outcry from the media if a white president spoken as some sort of white champion in similar cases.  The President seems to see nothing incongruous about his open championing his own racial agenda. 

The President’s advocacy of turning The United States of America into the disunited states of Latin America Isn’t even good pro-black politics.   The Cheap Mexican labor displaces far more black American workers than white.  It is enough that the white majority be reduced apparently.  The ethnic cleansing of blacks from California neighborhoods by Mexican gangs hasn’t penetrated his inner circle it seems.

The obviousness of the President’s animus toward white people is getting through to us.  It shows in his poisonous approval rating. Perhaps his constant pursuit of policies that favor minorities will break out of the media oath of silence.  In the mean time we will have to weather two more years of minority occupation government.


Saturday, November 22, 2014


Ana Navarro, Professional Hispanic and CNN's idea of a Republican shares Gruber's status as both a political operative and a university faculty member.  I wonder just who Isn't posing as a scholar among media talking heads?

It's hard to be a political pundit/operative without also having a law degree.  In Navarro's case, law schools were ever ready to advance a whole new generation of wise Latinas.  Once armed with a law degree, it's easy to pose as a scholar of some sort.

VDARE's publication of my Navarro expose' captured her full awfulness.  But a telling bit of her bogus scholarship surfaced late in the piece.

Not only does Navarro seek to press gang her fellow Hispanics into the GOP establishments plantation, she has plans for sexual deviates.  She invited the hideous Hilary Rosen, Democrat strategist and LGBT advocate to help fill in "The hole in the Republican party.  Rosen is sexual deviance what Navarro is to Hispanics.  She is best remembered for attacking Ann Romney for raising her children rather than adopting them in order to play house with, in Hilary's case, her female live-in lover.


Navarro's mission for her current patron, Jeb Bush, is to find loose aggregations of aggrieved misfits to fill out the GOP's big tent.  Illiterate Mexican moochers, angry lesbians, who next?  Some coalition!