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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Tonights awful vote count has the fat boy form New Jersey home licking his wounds.  It's expected that he will bail out and stay home to stew in the almost universal enmity of the New Jersey populous.  He has the connections to land a well-paying sinecure somewhere.  With luck, we will hear no more of him.  

I never believed that he had a plausible national career.  The electronic talking heads are reluctant to say this but frankly, the American people recognize that the denizens of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles are not really people of the same culture.  They are foreigners and have elected to be by concentration in large unassimilable urban enclaves.  They have not evolved with the rest of us but chose to marinate in ugly insular communities.  We all know that they are not to be trusted.  The very things they do to come to our attention repel us.  

Somehow this doesn't apply to Trump.  More on this later….when I figure it out!!! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016


This courtesy of VDARE.COM.  This is the problem we all face what is to be done when our governments operate openly against our interests?  As I put it in a post some time ago; what are you supposed to do if intruders take up residence in your house and the police warn you not to intervene?  Have we no right to our own lands and ways?  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


If I were to compose this with a pen I would be at a loss.  The President’s state of his ego message would defeat any pen known to man.  Only a pitchfork would do.

If I heard him correctly, the President claimed that Russia is propping up Ukraine as a “Puppet state.”   As that noted philosopher, Dirty Harry once said….”Say what!”  I thought Ukraine was a state we back, fighting for its independence from Russia. 

The rest of his pitch seems to be his usual jive talk about his fictive achievements.  Some of the more obvious lies or at least whoppers are below.

1.     Obama made much of the crushing debt college students now endure to achieve a degree.  This is hilarious.  Seven years in office by the first academic president since Wilson and he acts as though he was not part of this very problem.  Obama would be selling shoes today if he hadn’t found a home in a bloated, unpatriotic academe.  His part of the American establishment beggared a generation.  Now that he will not be able to do anything about his fellow academics disgraceful rapacity he is on a crusade.

2.     Obama downplays the threat of ISIS and domestic Islamic terrorism while demanding that the rest of us speak softly around Muslims both here and overseas.

3.     Obama rather slyly conflated his laudatory language about the need for innovation with equally laudatory language about immigration and importation of foreign interlopers who steal American jobs.  Make no mistake about it; Zuckerberg and his fellow cyber-hipsters have bought his support for unlimited American worker replacement via the H1B and other programs.  Out of one side of his mouth he talks about the need to train young Americans in STEM fields and out of the other he wants to import more and more Indians and Chinese to supplant them.  Even for an American politician this is despicable.
4.     Along with Bill Clinton, this President clearly doesn’t feel the need to confine himself lies of the plausible kind.  He (Obama) is the Big Man, that is, the President.  Therefore anything he says we are to believe.  If we don’t we are not being all that we can be and are probably racist to boot.  All to many of us are unequal to the challenge of seeing him for not that slick, not that bright, affirmative action case that he is.

OH, Nikki Hailey is delivering the GOP response.  She is all over the Indian immigrant success story.  Yup, the GOP idiots are trying to out diverse the Democrat diversocrat’ machine.  They never learn.  She is bragging about her rejection of her states Dixie flag while pledging her loyalty to Israel.  Like the party of yore she is saying me too!  Me too!  Truly, the GOP is a pointless entity. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I fully intended to watch and give my account of tonights so-called Town Hall event on CNN.  Obama and CNN needed a forum to advance the President's latest foray in governing by proclamation.  This was to be their dog and pony show.  

I lasted 13 minutes.  

Perhaps some good points were made by people intent on upholding the second amendment.  Every time I switched back to watch, all I saw was the President lying or some designated victim pumping up emotions.  One thing all politicians know how to do is make that Argumentum ad Misericordiam.

I. Argumentum ad Misericordiam (argument from pity or misery) the fallacy committed when pity or a related emotion such as sympathy or compassion is appealed to for the sake of getting a conclusion accepted.
  1. Hence, assent or dissent to a statement or an argument is sought on the basis of an irrelevant appeal to pity. In other words, pity, or the related emotion is not the subject or the conclusion of the argument.
Can you imagine any white president before the last decade or so, resorting to tears and the gross manipulation of cripples and victims relatives to sell a policy?  What have we become?  What happened to our reason and backbones? 

I'm glad the NRA had the wit to stay away.  There is no reasoning with people who control both the setting and the crowd.  It's a set-up and all you can get, even if you win is to be called unfeeling and "Mean." 

Anderson Cooper was letting Obama filibuster when I finally changed the channel.  I did catch one thing.  The President can't really explain how his rather modest (though illegal) extension of federal gun regulations would reduce gun related deaths in any large measure.  He admitted that by his own reckoning, only about two thousands would be prevented. He even admitted that a great many gun deaths are suicides.  He is reduced to the lie that the so-called loopholes are responsible for the all those urban street murders that happen in Chicago and Washington and New York. If only those hillbillies in Indiana weren't "Buying up trunkloads of guns and selling them" to all those poor ghetto kids…etc. etc.  What I find deeply offensive about this is his posturing as though he were making a rational argument; as though he believed that normal Americans might be gulled into accepting this BS when they know from their own lives that he is lying.  No one who knows the slightest thing about the topic could credit a word he says.

I did catch him alluding to what he calls the "internet loophole."  According to Obama there are a significant number of people selling firearms directly to consumers over the Net.  To do so is already a federal crime.  Yet, he chose to refer to unnamed "studies" to make this point rather than federal enforcement cases.  It seems to me that as President all he had to do is tell his subordinates to do their jobs.  

As alluded to above, the gun crime problem here in America is largely a matter of urban blacks having a strong taste for each other's blood.  No amount of cracking down on all the rest of us will ever solve that.  That doesn't stop our black, Chicagoan, law professor President from blaming people in Indiana for HIS cities failure.  Yes, occasionally a mad man or a Muslim acts out violently.  So far both types have been able to get their gun of choice via the same background checks the Obama finds so helpful.

I know it's too much to hope but I wish just one of the town hall participants had asked the President if the only rights we retain are those not already abused by his feckless urban relative.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Philip Giraldi has another excellent article up in the American Conservative at the moment.  It's titled, Why the US spies on Netanyahu.
It's about the brouhaha over NSA listening in to Israeli communications with members of the US Congress.  Since everyone in America over the age of reason already knows that the NSA listens to pretty much everything, this has all the hallmarks of a made-up controversy.  So let's be honest about it.
All this press attention is part of the Israel lobby’s counterattack against all the bad publicity it got over the Iran Nuclear deal. Too many ordinary Americans  noticed how Congress is more attentive to the interests of a foreign power and it’s American ethnic allies than to the general interest.  So now, the lobby is feigning to protect the “integrity” of the same congress critters they already bought and sold.  They don't want any branch of our government impeding in their bribery of our legislative branch.  
I suspect that something else is the case as well.  The lobby seems to have very little respect for either the character or the intelligence of we run of the mill Americans.  The harangues get less and less plausible as time passes while the lobby gets more and more used to getting what it wants.  I strongly suspect that the lobbies failure over Iran was both a shock and a challenge.  We schlemiels aren't falling for the sales pitch anymore!
Why should we?  What's in it for Us?  We are incessantly bombarded with appeals, both subtle and gross, for the US to yet again "Lead" in the Middle East.  Each appeal involves the expenditure of our blood and money in adventures in making the Middle East safer for Israel.  We spend and bleed yet Israel never feels safe.  Israel is not just another state with whom we have diplomatic relations.  It is a state representing the religious and genetic interests of a powerful ethnic faction within our republic.  We have been here before.  There was a time when other groups with similar grievances presented like problems.  For much of the nineteenth century Irish Americans were a constant voice against our continued good relations with Great Britain.  They went so far as to lead a sort of bungling invasion of Canada.  As late as the 80's there was sympathy for the IRA; the same IRA that tried to assassinate Margaret Thatcher. The government never exceeded to the wishes of that ethnic-religious lobby.  There are/were others.  
Our constitution guarantees the right to lobby.  This guarantee has for the most part contended with regional and economic interests.  It is poorly designed to accommodate interests of blood with foreign loyalties.  I doubt the founders foresaw a time when domestic factions with foreign loyalties openly sought to spill american blood and coin for their own alien ends.  I can think of only one such case and it's from the nineteen thirties.
A brief thought experiment is in order here. Say it’s 1938 and the FBI is wiretapping the German Embassy and the German American Bund. Would the Israel Lobby of today have any qualms about that intelligence operation?
What is the difference between the Bund and AIPAC anyway?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015



While Pope Francis preaches uncritical acceptance of foreign “migrants,” the Roman Catholic Church (of which I am a faithful member) harbors a foreign worker problem of its own: its priests.
Twice in less than six months, foreign priests from Latin America have come to public attention for violating their vows within the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey.
  • The Reverend Alex Orozco, a Colombian immigrant:
The Rev. Alex Orozco befriended the elderly women shortly after his assignment to St. Rose of Lima parish in Short Hills.
Orozco was a new priest, charming and kind and afire with enthusiasm.
And always, it seemed, willing to accept money, parishioners said.
For a car. For a big-screen TV. For a house in the Poconos. For another house in his native Colombia. For credit card bills. For a second car. For plane tickets. For furniture. For dental work.
From 2013 through the end of last year, Orozco allegedly took more than $250,000 in cash and goods from women in the wealthy parish after telling them hard-luck stories about the financial woes afflicting him, his family members and his friends.
The case is still under investigation. [Priest accused of taking $250K from ‘grandmas’ goes on leave of absence, lawyer says, By Mark Mueller,, October 14, 2015 ]But the admitted facts are damning enough. Orozco, only months after ordination, landed in a very wealthy Essex County parish. He admits to accepting numerous personal gifts from lonely elderly women. “They wanted to embrace me,” Orozco said in explanation. According to statements by relatives, at least one victim and a fellow priest, he “groomed” the old gals with his attentions and charmed them into giving him cash and other things after he give them sob-stories. He even got the local Knights of Columbus to front him $5, 300 for an immigration lawyer. [Statement by Knights of Columbus Council 6386PDF]
Apart from the sleaziness of this situation a cluster of questions present themselves around this case.
Not surprisingly, Orozco’s ministry has been suspended, but the archdiocese has taken no action of its own. Their spokesman, with the ironic name ofJim Goodness, [Email him] said that what Orozco did may not be a violation of Canon Law. Mark Mueller wrote, in the first story quoted above, that “Jim Goodness…declined comment on the investigation, calling it a personal matter for Orozco because it does not involve church finances.”
According to Mueller in a follow-up story, a fellow priest notified the archdiocesan authorities of Orozco’s questionable behavior three years before the prosecutor took action.
This priest spoke with Mueller on condition of anonymity. Doubtless the diocesan officials know who he is. It is rare for a priest to speak to the press on his own and points to the outrageousness of Orozco’s alleged conduct [Archdiocese officials knew priest was ‘milking’ people for money, clergyman saysBy Mark Mueller,, October 1, 2015].
The Church has come under a lot of criticism of late. And obviously, there are always a few bad apples. This is all the more reason for it to be extra careful about whom it ordains. This thought seems not to have occurred to the Bishop of the archdiocese of Newark. At least not in the case of Fr. Orozco, who in his native Colombia was a “Television actor, model, and salsa dancer in Bogota” before entering the priesthood.
The wheels will grind, and eventually justice, or its New Jersey equivalent, will be done.
But while writing this up I came across a similar case of misbehavin’ Latin priest that put that comforting thought in some doubt.
  • The Reverend Manuel Gallo Espinosa
It seems that another South American Catholic priest is actually on the lam in connection with a pedophilia allegation going back twelve years. Rev. Manuel Gallo Espinosa’s 15-year-old male alleged victim had gone to Church officials, who took his claims seriously—and tipped off the priest that the paddy wagon might be on its way. Espinosa took the hint and apparently fled to his native Ecuador. After a few months, it became a cold case.
That is, until it transpired that having absconded to the land of the banana, the good Rev. couldn’t resist making a few bucks back in el Norte. According to the very same Mark Mueller of New Jersey Advance Media, Gallo Espinosa had a short second career teaching Spanish (what else?) in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He apparently had no trouble getting a US visa in 2005. Accused rapists don’t make the watch list, it seems. [Where’s ‘Father Manuel’? Police hunting fugitive priest, teacher accused of raping N.J. teen, By Mark Mueller, July 30, 2015]
This is where the case gets curious. Espinosa has been in touch with the same paper that wrote his case up and is telling his story. According to Mueller:
In an extraordinary admission of wrongdoing, a priest sought by authorities in New Jersey has acknowledged engaging in a sexual encounter with a 15-year old boy, but he deflected blame by saying the teen “wanted it” and “evil in his mind.”
EXCLUSIVE: Priest admits sex with minor, says teen ‘wanted’ it, By Mark Mueller,, October 1, 2015
See the picture of Gallo-Espinosa and the visa he took out to return to the US, in spite of being wanted.
I encourage readers to read the whole thing, but here is a synopsis of Espinosa’s heartfelt confession of his demerits:
  1. The kid was evil.
  2. “I think I was attracted to him, that is the only explanation I can think of right now.” (Please let us know if anything else occurs to you, Reverend.)
  3. “I just came fr [sic] my country and really in Ecuador a person of 15 years old is not consider [sic] so innocent.” CALLING ANN COULTER!!
  4. The kid squealed on me for the money. (This may be true but so what?)
  5. Blame it on Budweiser. “I [sic] very drunk and I was very confused with beer because the beer in my country doesn’t have much alcohol. Everything was new for me.”
  6. Hey, this doesn’t make me a bad person. “I want people [to] know that a mistake made in my life doesn’t define myself that way.”
Espinosa’s lame and unreflective mea not so culpa displays all the cultural defects of Latin Americans, with little of the sagacity or humility one expects in a priest. It sounds like what you hear in Night Court. How could someone as blithely unserious to a great calling have made it into the priesthood?’s Mueller provides a hint. In his October 1 story about Colombian import Orozco, linked above, he wrote:
The archdiocese [of Newark] has among the highest rates of ordination in the country, in part because it aggressively recruits potential priests from South and Central America and from the Philippines, according to annual statistics compiled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.“
It would seem a reckless desire to fill slots overrides concern for the sanctity of the priesthood or the safety of the congregants. The Church is outsourcing its priesthood rather like Disney outsourced its IT department.