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Friday, June 2, 2017


I commented on today's VDARE.COM Radio essay and it went a bit long. So, I'm expanding it a some and posting it here.  She was saying that President Trump is permitting establishment hacks to exclude Trump loyalists from administration jobs.  She suspects that it is the business people, with non-ideological mentalities who are responsible.  To a degree this is true but ......

'From experience I can say that politicians AND businessmen are exactly the same with regard to staffing a new administration. This is because coming to power is a two step process with the election as the first step.  The second and most brutal step is the internal civil war between factions after the election. Think of a Latin-American revolution. First the revolutionaries get together to overthrow the dictator. Then, they kill each other off until the new revolutionary dictator emerges.  Just so, in business the inventor or entrepreneur creates the business. After a while, he/she must give way to the professional managers. In politics that process of fratricide within the administration-in-waiting begins on election night and proceeds in a frenzy thereafter.  Cliques form around people who can claim access to the candidate and the cliques begin to banish the undesirables immediately. It's all about access to the elected official and appointing people who will support the access-holder. That's why the post of Chief of Staff is so important.  As per the radio show, "Personnel is Policy."  The kind of people to be found on the rolodex's of those anxious to control the agenda are not going to be barn burning political visionaries. Visionaries may run for office but they have no home within the bureaucracy.  

Politicians rarely want the people who got them elected to stick around to govern. They will tell you that it's just a matter of different skillsets. To some degree this is also true.  But it is also irritating to have people around who remember your promises and who have seen you stumble. Everybody stumbles at some point during a campaign. Much better to hire someone about whom there is good word of mouth and some sort of resume. That pretty much means GOP hacks.  Trump has little idea what to do. So, he leans on people like Reince Priebus who look like professional mangers to him. He also leans on an inner circle of weak reeds like his son in law. I think we all know this will end in tears but there is no way of stopping him. 

The overarching problem here is that there is little or no patriotic paleoconservative establishment for Trump to draw on for personnel. The Neocons have comprehensively corrupted the GOP bench. The Neo's control the think tanks and have the resumes. Only the creation of a respectable patriotic shadow government filled with persons of stature and experience will solve our problem.  This will never happen until wealthy paleo's start creating and supporting institutions dedicated to keeping the country and their fortunes intact.  I see no evidence of this happening. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017



Sunday, May 7, 2017


I was just about to write a post about the seminal disaster of the battle of Cinco de Mayo.  Cinco de Mayo, is a day celebrated in the US by the large Mexican diaspora here who love Mexico so much that they needed to see it from a distance.  Cinco de Mayo is also lustily celebrated here by my countrymen, who will gladly celebrate the black hole of Calcutta if it involves heavy drinking and the wearing of funny hats.  The day celebrates an early Mexican victory over an invading French army in the 1860's.  With American help the Mexicans finally ejected the French and murdered the French imposed Maximilian III their last good leader.   

I say disaster because it represented the last chance Mexico had for something approximating good government.  Had Mexico allowed itself to be managed by France she would not be the indo-hispanic, dysfunctional kleptocracy she is today.  She would be a more elegant and European country.   a bit corrupt perhaps, but in a more complex, Gallic way. Imagine the wines of Mexico as crafted by French vintners! Imagine......But It's pointless now to speculate on what French influence and governance would have accomplished in Mexico.  

It seems that the French, in electing Macron, are themselves rejecting French governance.    Ms. Le Pen it seems is too French to be elected to the Presidency of France.  

The last debate between LePen and Macron was striking in how weak and fatuous Macron's arguments were.  His conflation of EU interests with that of the French nation were so transparently dishonest as to be laughable to an idiot.  As to terrorism and the threat of Islam, he actually claimed to have been busy at the Hague while being traduced by LePen!  He came within a hair of declaring the traditional French culture an unacceptable impediment to social stability.  If this isn't some sort of treason what would be?  In fact he declared LePen's rather mild plan to bring the Muslims to book "An incitement to civil war." 

It seems that the French are only gradually coming to trust themselves with their own destiny.  Until they do, they stand with the lowly Mexicans celebrating their escape from the glory that was France.  

Monday, April 24, 2017



When The Left Resorts To Violence….Be Prepared To Defend Yourself

With actual violence coming down on our heads now, Americans must be asking themselves: should we just stay home and hope that voting the right way will result in a safe, stable society?
But if that were ever a possibility, it ended with the Black Lives Matter riots and continuing assaults on Trump rallies. We see police standing aside while masked, Leftist thugs assault conservative audiences. We are beginning to live under anarcho-tyranny, in which our enemies feel that both history and the state are on their side. This particularly true in urban areas and in Left-dominated states like New Jersey, Massachusetts and California.
It is vital to understand that the days of reliable working class cops enforcing order so that the middle class could generate tax revenue for the state in peace are over. Old-style cops are out there, but we must never forget that generally law enforcement has now become what John O’Sullivan described in the British context as the “paramilitary wing of the [Leftist] Guardian[newspaper]”— taking orders from increasingly politicized overlords.
The police also operate according to procedures dictated by lawyers. Those lawyers have left the taxpayer’s interest and our traditional culture behind some time ago.
So violence lurks at the edges of all our proceedings today. The “Antifa” have been around for a while but now seem to have caught on at many campuses. We saw Hispanics and blacks  join with the Left in attacking peaceful Trump rallies. Leftist unions have long thrown their own goons at enemies.
Result: attending any right-of-center confronts law-abiding Americans with the question of self-protection.
Before anything else we need to affirm our absolute right to defend ourselves. We must always keep in mind that we are the side of civilization and order. They have absolutely no right to suppress us or put us in fear when we assemble peacefully. If we let the Left’s constant weaponized white guilt seep into our consciousness, we lose. We must not allow ourselves to be the Christians in the arena just for participating in our birthright.
Police have been allowing our enemies to arm themselves with sticks, garbage can lids, slingshots, sap gloves, etc. As supporters of order we should not follow their example. We can defend ourselves without overt, street-brawling, weaponry. We can use much simpler and in the long run more effective methods.
I paid my way through college by working as a corrections officer in a particularly nasty jail in New Jersey. In some ways, it was as much an education as I got at university. It also so happens that I spent the last eight year of my government career as an inspector of criminal halfway houses for the same state. (I did more interesting and rewarding things in the interim but that’s for another day). That’s 14 years of law enforcement service without carrying a firearm—nobody carries a weapon inside a jail. So I‘ve had to learn some lessons about how to maneuver without overt weaponry.
Here are a few suggestions for how to keep safe and yet participate as a citizen.
Remember, you are not out looking for trouble. Leave that to the Leftist scum. You are only responding to an attack. That response must be justified and proportionate. Hitting someone in the head with a hammer for pushing you is a no-no. Causing them to lose their balance and land on the pavement it quite proportional.
Here are some tools for proportional self-defense.
THE CANE: Any sort of implement is better than no implement at all. A simple walking stick can be a devastating tool of self-defense. There are many sites on the net where the proper use of a cane to protect yourself can be studied.
If nothing else, get a cane and practice what you see there on an old duffle bag. Better yet, round up a few friends and ask your local martial arts dojo to set up some classes for proper instruction. It would be hard to imagine police confiscating canes from, let’s face it, our somewhat silver-toned ranks.
Do notbring anything that looks like a cudgel or shillelagh to a meeting/event. The cops will confiscate them—and they are actually less useful than the common cane with its crooked end.
In this new age we find ourselves in, I don’t know why we all don’t just carry walking stick all the time. They are not illegal and are quite traditional. Let’s start a right-wing fashion trend. See below for a brief sample of the cane as a self-defense weapon.
THE KUBOTAN: This is just Asia-speak (it’s named for Japanese-American martial artist Takayuki Kubota, who taught its use to American police) for any stout pen, short stick or other stiff implement that can be grasped firmly in the first and applied to an aggressor’s vulnerable points.
You may have seen ads for “Tactical Pens.” That’s a kind of Kubotan, A large Sharpie-type marker makes a perfectly good Kubotan. So does a six-inch pocket flashlight. These things make good keychain attachments while having the ability to render a large attacker out of commission. No one has ever been arrested for carrying a large magic marker.
For a taste of how Kubotans work see this.
There is some actual instruction from Phil Elmore here. Once again, check out sources on the net and or get some training at a local dojo.
SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING:Many YMCAs offer classes for seniors. Take advantage of this, and ask for specific cane and kubotan training as well as the regular curriculum.
The beauty of these courses is that they are actually fun, while concentrating on practical self-defense. They know you are not going for your black belt. That said, many people become hooked on sort of martial arts or another and benefit from the overall healthy exercise. In my area, the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts is the best.
What if the situation breaks down altogether and full scale anarchy breaks out? I think the follow is advisable now in case the worst happens: Arm yourself.
By that I don’t mean buying a so-called assault rifle. If you are unarmed now, just go out and buy a cheap .22 caliber semi-auto. I say this because you will actually enjoy shooting it. You will pick up some skill and it can still be used for self-defense. The best gun in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it.
For all gun-related information, I bow to the expertise found in two excellent sources. Massad Ayoob is an expert’s expert on the field of citizen weapon use. Pay no attention to the name, his family has been in New Hampshire for three generations! He is both a former peace officer and an expert witness in cases of civilian use of deadly force. He also teaches combat shooting at his own facility. He  is a patriot and a good guy extraordinaire. He blogs here. A book of his you should read is Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense
The other source: a book by the legendary Jeff Cooper: Principles Of Personal Defense. Cooper was a Marine veteran of WWII and Korea, firearms writer and professor who formed his own school of combat shooting, which still continues: Gunsite Ranch.
If things do get worse, we need to understand that, in an environment of social violence, only the social cohesion of the healthy can resist successfully.
Do you know your local conservatives? Consider quietly networking with patriots in your area. No skullduggery here, no secrets cells, just form one of those little platoons Edmund Burke wrote about.
Get together and discuss the local situation. In the event of civil collapse can you help each other? If the cops can’t or won’t defend your neighborhood, who are the men in the area willing to guard it? A friendly chat about this in advance could be a lifesaver.
As violence intrudes into our lives, we will need to attend to our safety in well-thought-out ways.
But we can take heart in the knowledge that our enemies are limited by their own dysfunctional obsessions and self-confounding objectives.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hapless Sean Spicer offended the holocaust industry and all its affiliates a few days ago. He daring to make a Hitler comparison with Assad.  Poor Shaun should have know better.  All mention of Hitler and his deeds must be submitted in advance to aaah,...whomever stands in for the Sanhedrin these days.  Hitler is no longer a historical personage about whom debate or even allusion can be tolerated.  He is all but a registered trademark of the Jewish Guilt Assignment Corporation.  JGAC They and only they decide what can and cannot be be said about Hitler, and woe unto he who dares opine without their imprimatur.  Not sure how this obtained, but you get to find out when you transgress.  That is I suppose, the point.  It's better to avoid sacred ground patrolled by self serving zealots. 

It is important here to emphasize that at no point did Spicer deny the holocaust.  He simply said that Hitler, unlike Assad, did not use poison gas against his own population.  He said this in the context of the recent alleged use of Sarin gas via bombardment on the battle field.  It takes an idiot or someone intent on picking a quarrel to conflate this open military use of gas munitions in the field with what went on in Nazi death camps.  

If the use of poison gas was a crime in and of itself, surely the State of California would stand in the same dock as the Nazis.  Remember the gas chamber in San Quentin?  

No, gas is not at issue here.  It is the manner and legal justification in which it is employed that is at issue.  California used cyanide gas in the lawful execution of criminals.  The Nazis were never believers in law as such and operated according to the Fuhrer Prinzip.  Whatever Hitler thought best was done, with or without citation of law  So the murder of about twelve million persons in the camps had nothing to do with law as we know it. The Third Reich had no written constitution.  

Assad stands accused of employing poison gas munitions in an act of war.  Hitler never did this, period.  The fact that he used poison gas as a means to execute persons already under his control is as irrelevant to the case at hand. 

The people up in arms know this perfectly well. They are just marking their territory.  Wielding holocaust guilt is a powerful weapon to be guarded jealously, especially against Republicans, old school Americans and anyone not benefiting from the perpetuation of this weaponization of historic memory.  Whether employing the memory of your dead for crass political/social advantage is honorable or tasteful is another matter.  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


BBC, CNN et all are running with the same line...Assad is responsible for what appears to be a gas attack on a rebel-held area of his own territory.  All the usual players on the neocon war party are making their case. The war with Iran, Syria, anybody who makes the Israelis nervous coalition are coordinating their talking points in suspicious unanimity. 

Before we plunge into another fiasco a few more questions are in order. 

1. Re evidence of toxic attack, who are the experts on scene?  How did they get there?  Are such experts poised at all times to make dispositive determinations in areas where actual journalists refuse to go? Who can be trusted in such a partisan environment?  Have any actual scientists examined tissue samples, especially lung tissue?  I've seen a lot off corpuses with foaming mouths.  This also happens with common Chlorine inhalation.  It happens any time the lungs fill with fluid.  

2. Nikki Halley, our UN representative openly accused the Russians of responsibility today.  This, after the Russian representative presented a line of explanation quite like my own about chemical agents already present on the ground.  If the best we can do is to show pictures of dead babies, what does that say about our investigative capacity?  Argument by appeal to emotion is a cardinal logical fallacy, or used to be among adults.  What's the rush to judgement?

3. All those interviewed report massive explosion(s).  Are toxic agents really dispersed in such a manner?  Wouldn't a massive explosive burst destroy the toxic agent as much as disperse it? A statement by a young girl repeated by the New York Times described a single bomb hitting a single house after which a yellow fog killed those who responded.  Even a New York Times reporter might wonder if the "flog" might have had something to do with what was in the house rather than in the bomb itself.  All the more curious when the same reporter wrote, "The area around Khan Seikhoun is not held by the Islamic State, but by other insurgents: Queda-linked militants and a variety of other rebel groups."  Is it fantastical thinking that "Queda-linked militants" might have stored something nasty?

Don't expect any answers to these and other sensible questions.  They might distract the public from the need to involve American kids and those of our allies in another pointless Middle East war.  And that is the objective here.  

At the risk of being a spoilsport, just what would we achieve by intervening?  Suppose Assad really did this thing.  Who would replace him?  Who decides?  The nearest thing to Syrian civil society types are now dead or living in tents in Turkey.  They are no longer a factor and never had much hope of forming a government in any case.  So the only force likely to replace Assad are Salafist bad guys with more in common with ISIS than us. The last time we played at regime change, we forgot to ask, "With what."  We failed to replace Saddam Hussain with anyone in particular.  Iraq fell into the Mad Max zone it remains today after much blood and treasure. 

And let us not forget that Assad's power rests on a coalition of minorities, one of those protected minorities are the Christians.  Can we just not sell out the Christians yet again?  We already discriminate against them when they try to immigrate here.      


Agitating news today about an airstrike carried out by either the Syrian or Russian government.  Footage purports to show victims of chemical weapons.  People on the scene were at pains to describe the victims as suffering from some nerve agent.  Men stripped of their clothing and fire-hosed to remove toxic agents before medical treatment were shown on BBC and France Twenty Four.   

President Trump as is his want, responded with outrage at what he and the media, claimed was a Syrian violation of the rules of war.   But was it?

Claims that Assad gassed his people have been made before. Assad cooperated with demands to turn over his gas stockpile. He had every reason then to avoid the real possibility of an American airstrike. The only plausible allegations of poison gas usage I am aware of lay at ISIS's door. The victims I witnessed on the tube were suffering from respiratory collapse.  Toxic nerve agents like Sarin can cause that, but so can Chlorine.  Anyone can make chlorine gas in their kitchen.  

All the usual suspects have called for an attack on the Assad government.  These are the early days of the Trump administration.  It is not out of the question that various interests may be involved in this and perhaps the former gas allegations. The tactic of "Testing" a new president is well established. 

Let's ask a few questions before F16's fly.

Why would the Assad regime provoke the world and the US at a time when they are winning their civil war?  Why would their Russian allies consent to such a provocation?  What would have been gained by a one-off gas attack that rendered no great tactical victory?  Poison gas is best used to clear large areas of occupation. A pinprick gas attack on a neighborhood with no followup to capture ground is pointless, especially if the population has nowhere to run   

It seems to me that the offending agent did not have to be delivered via aircraft at all.  It would be quite easy to insert Chlorine canisters or a genuine nerve agent in a location that you can then provoke the Syrians to bomb.  

Whatever the case, we are not about to change the course of the Syrian Civil war and shouldn't be swayed into trying.