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Thursday, August 20, 2015


This, via AFP yesterday    As usual, if we want to know what our poor beleaguered "Ally,"  t Israel is doing, we have to rely on the foreign press.  It seems the Israeli's, while building their defensive wall, can't resist the temptation to maximize their leverage   They cut farmers off from their olive groves and wells, monks from their ancient grounds and pretty much any Palestinian from whatever he needs to thrive.  

The fellow being choked below is a priest caught praying in the path of an Israeli bulldozer.  The bulldozer is in the process of destroying Olive Trees.  Even the Muslims have religious strictures against destroying trees in that arid part of the world.  Our anti-Christian "allies" seem to have evolved beyond such things.

Remember this scene when Ted Cruz, or Reverend Huckabee or some other faux Christian ignoramus proclaims his allegiance to the Jewish state.  This is what standing with Israel looks like.   

I further wonder why, if Israel is such a haven for Christians as they claim, the Israeli's didn't build their wall to include the Christians rather than cut them off.  Could it be that they are as anti-Christian as they are anti-Muslim?  Of course they are.  

As the politics and culture of Israel drifts more and more toward the religious extreme, Israeli Christians will find themselves living under a regime determined to make Israel Christen-frei.  And our Congress and the GOP will happily pay for it.

Palestinian Christians scuffle with Israeli police over divisive wall

    © AFP | Israeli border guards arrest a Palestinian protestor who was trying to reach tractors working on the construction of Israel's controversial barrier in the Cremisan Valley, on August 19, 2015

    Palestinian Christians scuffled with Israeli border police near Bethlehem Wednesday after dozens of them, including priests, gathered to protest renewed work on Israel's West Bank separation barrier in a sensitive Christian area.
    An AFP journalist said the protesters, who were joined by a few foreign activists, gathered in the Christian town of Beit Jala to protest building a stretch of the barrier, which started Monday after years of legal battles.
    The three Roman Catholic priests tried to pray among olive trees that bulldozers and mechanical diggers were seeking to uproot but were stopped by police.
    One demonstrator was arrested as he tried to plant an olive sapling in front of the excavators.

    Sunday, August 16, 2015


    Scientists use bioengineered yeast instead of poppies to make opioids


    Sunday, August 9, 2015


    My last post chronicling Trumps sacrilegious utterances left out a critical element of the Divine  Kelly's phalanx of devotees.  I mentioned her female Acolytes, Vestals and Sibyls, but I left out the eunuchs.  Is it any surprise that my old friend Rod Dreher is so far her foremost defender?  Here, he defends the Olympian Kelly and I suppose all feisty women who, like him, really really hate rude men.

    Another prominent supine eunuch is this Eric Erickson person.  I confess that all I know about him and Redstate is what I hear from people who have something  to say but can't get it said on his conservative Inc. website.  

    I am listening to a third eunuch as I write.  David Brooks is the doyen of official faux conservative eunuchs.  He occupies that perch at the New York Times reserved for the conservative eunuch of the moment.  He refers to Trump as "The dark Id of the right."  like a lot of faux conservative Jews, Brooks deeply believes that all we gentiles have murderous intentions, and it his job to suppress them.  

    Saturday, August 8, 2015


    Has anyone, since Alcibiades castrated the Herms of Athens, committed a greater offense than has Donald Trump?  He defamed Megyn Kelly, the reigning goddess of devout conservatives.  He did this in her own temple, devoted to her sacred creature the FOX.  The demented Trump called the divine Kelly a bimbo.  

    I ask you dear readers, is this the image of a bimbo?  Is this not rather, the image of the goddess of our hearths?  Who can gaze upon her and doubt her wisdom and dignity?

    His blasphemous utterance calls into question the dignity of all conservative women.  He will not escape her wrath.  Acolytes, Vestals and Sybils of the goddess will seek him out and enact a terrible revenge.  

    If you agree with me on this, consider making a small sacrifice at the Temple of the Bunny before the moon ends its current cycle.  And, whatever you do, don't mention the name of Trump in the presence of any of her devotees.  

    Friday, August 7, 2015


    The most telling moment of the debate was the lead up to it.   All the candidates stood moping about like slaves on the block waiting to be examined.  It was awkward and dispiriting for them and I hope, the audience/voters.  What must it be like to aspire to the leadership to a great power while submitting to being a dummy in this degrading tableau?    

    The only truly powerful people in the auditorium were the press, who doted on each other.  They hammed it up fully aware that they were the kingmakers.   

    Our electoral system is without dignity.  Noel Coward said something like, "Americans have made a kind of religion out of mediocrity."   Truer words were rarely said.

    I have as yet no candidate.  But here are sue thoughts on last nights entertainment.

    1. I want to like John Kasich.  I still like his spirit but I'm just not ready for the reincarnation of Jack Kemp.  If Kasich believes that we can survive as a republic by reaching out to all the people who feed of the public teat, he is wrong.  It may work as a short term stratagem to win elections in Ohio.  It' was tried by Nixon years ago and we are still struggling with the cumulative damage of his experiments.  

    I enthused over his role in the class 94,' They made Clinton balance the budget.  Surely he also remembers that Clinton got all the credit for that.  Kasich should play a role in any GOP administration that emerges, but the same kindly spirit that makes him so likable also makes him a poor chief executive.  By the time President Kasich realizes that his outreach has been turned into a racket, he will be facing a second term election.  No more "Kinder, Gentler Conservatism" for me. 

    2. Trump is a timely monster.  When everything we hear is so much deceptive pablum, we can at least believe the man who is loyal to his own ego.  He wouldn't be popular if people didn't see him as a breaker of dysfunctional taboos.  Republican voters had to reach a boiling point sometime.  That time is now.  He is a braggart, an egomaniac and a seemingly a man who wins in the game of life.  He comes across as hollow as a bell and just as loud.  The question is, why do so many find him shocking?  In a degenerate celebrity culture he literally is the man of the people.

    Ordinary GOP voters know that the game has been rigged for a while now and they say to hell with it.  They see their jobs and prospects evaporate while their lives are filled with strangers.  Trump speaks to their anger and to their all too accurate assessment of what our country is becoming.  

    The best part of Trump is that he will pull down the Republican Party if he doesn't win.  Like many, I see the GOP as the true villain in the distraction of our country.  The Democrats as Steve Sailor points out, are a coalition of the fringes.  The only thing they stand for is the looting of our money and the dissolution of the white, Christian majority population.  They don't even deny it anymore.  The GOP's crucial collusion in this enterprise is deeply treasonous.  

    Despite all his obvious flaws, he may be the man  to free us from the degenerate GOP and open the way for some form of American Party.

    3. Rand Paul's attempted at the truth to power meme but it just didn't come off for me.  I want to like him and I suspect that like Kasich, if he were elected he would start off doing some maladroit things.  But unlike Kasich, I think he would reject his errors and take positive unscripted action.  I think he is the only candidate on the stage who has the sand to reject the Israel lobby.  I like doctors rather than lawyers as leaders.  Their actions have consequences and they know it in ways that lawyers never do.

    4. Speaking of lawyers, Chris Christie assured us all that as a former politically appointed prosecutor, he is ready to make all the hard decisions about who among us have to be silenced.  Like Rudy Giuliani, he came up as an aggressive political hack who made a name for himself as a hatchet man.  His entire political life in NJ was at the expense of conservative persons and causes and he would make a truly awful president.  Like most of his fellow stage presences, he has taken money from  the Israel lobby and parrots their line.  After his exchange with Rand Paul last night, I don't see how anyone who care about the constitution could vote for him.  As a former NJ native, I know too much about him and those he surrounds himself with to ever vote for him.  

    5. Jeb Bush came across as a typical Bush.  He wants us all to look in the mirror and see him;  that is, until the election is over.  Then it's back to Bush business as usual.  He's so abstracted from the Historic American Nation that he Speaks a foreign language at home.  Is it unspeakably racist to ask that a candidate for President of an English speaking country have some loyalty to his language and culture?  

    He came across as a bit fragile to me.  He obviously doesn't like the press.  In that way at least, he is a normal human being.  His promise to fix the immigration mess by making it an engine of economic growth is the kind of thing Bush's always say.  It's Utter gibberish masquerading as economic wisdom.  

    He is not only a bad candidate, he is the anti-American candidate of globalization.   If he get's the nod, I think the GOP will collapse, with or without Trump's help.  That may be best after all. 

    6. The GOP already flirted with it's own magic negro in the person of Colin Powell.  He turned on us.  The good doctor is an engaging and intelligent person.  He actually does things with is a good sign.  Is it too much to ask that people running for President have at least a little executive experience.  I seem to remember another engaging Black fellow who never ran anything.  It hasn't been pretty has it?

    7. Cruz says many of the right things.  I suspect that he is an animatronic facsimile of some kind.  I have never seen whim when he was not performing his visionary statesman act.  That is not normal, even for a politician.  He is also massively indentured to Adelson and the other crypto-Israeli oligarchs.  He went so far as to tell a meeting of Middle Eastern Christians that they were insufficiently loyal to Israel to "stand with him."   This is seriously deranged thinking for the son of preacher.  

    8. Rubio is still doing his best to look like the future.  I just can't stand put on charisma.  In fact I hate charisma itself.  It has nothing to do with competence.  I couldn't possibly care about what his parents did for a living or their "Story" of American success.  The point of our country is to become one of us.  He is an obvious amnesty drone a la Bush. 

    I  must admit that I didn't see the 5PM undercard debate.  Like everyone else, I've heard the Carly Fiorina was masterful.  Too bad I didn't see it.  It's amazing what getting fired from HP can do for your career.   

    Sunday, August 2, 2015


    I stumbled upon this while reading Crisis Magazine.  It is a thoughtful alternative to Rod Dreher's Benedict Option humbug.

    Thursday, July 30, 2015


    This is a quest post of mine on a local, regional newspaper.  It deals with the State of Pennsylvanias' attempt to give its drivers a break.  Of course the usual suspects pop up to defend the indefensible. 

    The Sticker Police

    By Thomas O. Meehan | Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015 12:15 pm
    I gather that after 2016, we won’t have to affix those silly little stickers to our license plates anymore.
    This seems to have been in the works for a while. I found references to it dating back to 2013. Like any reform that would have the effect of lightening the public burden, this one seems to have proceeded at glacial pace. Taxes come fast. Regulatory burdens can only be relieved after much, much study.
    The publics’ relief from the most infinitesimal imposition can be counted on to arouse the spirit of sadism in some quarters, and in this case it’s the police. They want the DOT to stop this foolishness and make us take up the pointless little stickers again.
    According to ABC News, whom I’m guessing can quote accurately, “Police say they also look for expired or missing registration stickers because it gives them probable cause to stop a suspicious driver and check for other crimes and outstanding warrants. Eliminating the stickers, they say, will make it less likely that criminals are noticed and stopped.”
    This is a fine specimen of totalitarian thinking. The police want to operate a rolling dragnet in hopes of boosting DUI and drug arrests. They don’t have enough excuses to pull us over at will and are in no mood to lose another one. It’s nice to know that their first priority is to play Simon Says with the public in hopes of getting a chance to play twenty questions with people. I do applaud their honesty. Usually they are less open about their drive to maximize arrest statistics as an end in itself. The House passed Bill 1154 to reinstate the stickers. Apart from Law Enforcement I don’t know who lobbied for the bill. Perhaps it was the Union of Pennsylvania Masochists.
    The little stickers are worthless for the stated purpose. Scofflaws just peel the stickers off our plates and stick them on their own. (A State Trooper pointed this out to me by the way.) Personally I feel that the government might have better things to do than create bureaucratic pitfalls to aid the police in harassing us. The police already have license plate readers mated to laptops. From the information on your plate they know more about you than does your next of kin.
    DOT estimates that the jettisoning of the stickers will save them one million dollars. They have already stopped ordering the stickers and are seeing the savings.
    This is also an example of the government working at cross-purposes with itself. We all know that in sanctuary cities like Philadelphia, illegal aliens are regularly pulled over with no registration, license or ID at all. The only people who will get summonses will be suburban Americans, as usual.
    I have a better idea. Why re-register our cars every year? What purpose does this serve? I know it creates and maintains employment at the DOT, but what’s in it for us? Making people jump through this hoop every year accomplishes very little. Why not just register our cars once. When we sell or junk our cars we can let DOT know. If we change address or whatever we can also let them know. They do use computers I suppose. If this is too revolutionary, would five years do?
    Like so many other interactions with our government, we perform these inanities because we have done so in the past. Different stakeholders in big government see no reason why we shouldn’t go on in perpetuity. For them, it’s a living, for us it’s just a sticky senseless mess.