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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Today, Prime Minister Theresa May resorted to the usual pap about Muslim terror.  Thus the pro  forma routine whenever Muslims commit some enormity. She and other authorities attempt to draw a line between Islam and something called “Islamism.”  This puts her in the dubious position of arbiter of which is which, a role she is extremely unfit for.  She wants us to assume that all Muslims are all fine and good until the instant they put the hairier bits of the prophet’s wisdom into action by knife, gun or bomb. Then, magically, they are transformed into Islamists, having nothing to do with Islam. I have a weak stomach for such humbug.

That said, I wondered at what point this line of reasoning could have fit in the past.  Here is my surmise as to how Prime Minister May could have applied here reasoning to past happenings.


Wouldn’t it be more honest if she told the truth?  She, like the President of France and of the USA, face with a dreadful dilemma.  They and we have all taken for granted that our societies can assimilate any and all populations, turning them into the pale, domesticated, connectionless drones we ourselves have become.  Now we see that we harbor communities who see us as inferior and vulnerable.  We lack the will and the constitutional means  to move them or render them harmless.

This is the reason why all our leaders are so squeamish about Islam and the violence that accompanies Islam. They and we know that this is heading for a bad ending.  We lack both the tools and the will to face this mess. And no one wants to be the first to own the truth that this is so.  

Thursday, January 26, 2017


 A few days ago I wrote that the administration should turn the tables on the leftist press by taking them up on illegal alien voting (LET'S VOTE THEM OFF OUR ISLAND below.)  The press was harassing Sean Spicer about the president's view that 4 million fraudulent votes were cast last november, costing him the popular vote. They even dared to suggest that the president should back up his claim with some real numbers assuming he would not. 

Sensing an opportunity, I suggesting he take them up on this.  And so he has.

I don't think someone on team Trump read my blog and the proverbial lightbulb when on.  I do think that he has some savvy people on board who fight to win.  They saw the same opening as I did.

A further consideration is this; old fashioned establishment Republicans would never follow this course of action.  Bushs I and II, Romney, McCain and the whole stable of loser GOP'ers      are paralyzed by white guilt and and can be counted on to back down rather than fight their own corner.  Since the press corps cannot imagine people not sacrificing to their household gods the prospect of such blasphemy never entered their heads.   

They are in for one unpleasant surprise after another with this president.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Sean Spicer was bombarded with questions at todays White House press briefing regarding illegal voting.  Apparently, President Trump reiterated his belief that millions of Illegal aliens voted in this past Presidential election. He said this before but for some reason the coven of like minds who cover the president all agreed before the briefing that this needed to be their focus  for today.  

As well he might, Spicer seemed a bit ill prepared.  This is the third working day of the new administration and he may have naively presumed the main topic of press attention would be what the new President was doing that day.  

Several correspondents pressed home the questioning about Trump's basis for believing what he said, his sources and what he plans to do about massive illegal voting.  Questions hinting about the need for an investigation were posed, daring the President to confirm his statement.

Spicer parried these as best he could but was in no position to promise and investigation or anything else not on the agenda.

I say, take them up on it.   Treat these press questions as a call to arms by the tribunes of the public and start a real, painstaking  investigation.  Everyone in politics knows that illegal voting goes on and is seldom investigated or punished with rigor.  We needn't prove 4 million illegal votes, we just need to expose enough, followed by prosecutions to show the loyal population that we mean business.  The disloyal press will be left cackling that there weren't that many illegals voting and thereby show for the nth time where there loyalties lay.   

That will be a tactical victory.

Finally, another benefit of such an investigation would be to accelerate deportation proceedings against the illegal alien voters.  A twofer!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


According to a report in the (British) Daily Telegraph, the content of the now much argued Trump slander report was first commissioned by a Republican source, then a Democrat source and finally ended up being shopped around by parties unknown as yet.  At first I wondered if we would ever know.  Now I think the whole thing will unravel rapidly.  The ex MI6 spook is on the run and with people like David Corn in the mix, we can expect no profiles in courage.  

Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, 'terrified for his safety' and went to ground before name released

According to theTelegraph article Steele…….

"For months, he had been playing a dangerous game; tipping off journalists about what he said he had discovered from his sources in Russia about Donald Trump’s alleged dealings with the Kremlin, as well as claims that the FSB had hugely compromising information about Mr Trump’s activities during visits to the Communist country.
Mr Steele had been hired by a Washington firm to gather information on Mr Trump’s connections to Russia, funded at first by anti-Trump Republicans and, later, by Democrats. He also shared the information with the FBI."
So it would seem that at one time or other both the evil party and the stupid party put a high priority on seeing Donald Trump sidelined.  All that remains is to see who finally shopped this bundle of inuendo half truths and plain bullshit around to transparent weasels like David Corn.  It appears that both Republicans, Democrats and just plain wreckers all came together in this.
The inestimable Phil Giraldi has access to the whole document and has a most excellent article on it in The American Conservative.   I wrote the following comment sharing my deep thoughts on this farrago.
  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    Thanks to Phil Giraldi for providing an expert and dispassionate summary of this matter at face value.
    Who marketed this “report” and commissioned it may never be known. What is significant to me is that whoever wants to see it hit the wires on the eve of Trump’s inauguration takes no account of the potential harm to American governance.
    I have more than a little experience in opposition research. The purpose of such is to sway an election, not crash an administration after the election. This material has only one purpose, to delegitamise the head of the entire Executive branch of the USA.
    My guess is that two things are going on here.
    a. The American left is studiously building a legend to which they can always resort.  Just like the legend that Reagan was a dunce or that the CIA smuggled drugs into LA, they don’t have to be true or even plausible, just a comfortable tale among friends.
    b. The left establishment intends to to achieve through the courts what they couldn’t at the ballot box. My guess is that a series of concocted or semi-real scandals are in the offing. This may be only the first. Eventually something must stick. Donald Trump’s style alone gives them hope.
    In the realm of politics it is only necessary to affix a name next to a noxious stimuli to achieve one’s goal.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Don't get prematurely excited but I've noticed an improvement in TAC's content of late.  Robert Verbruggen six writing entirely sensible articles and incredibly, my comments are no longer spiked as a matter of course.  What this means long term I have no idea.

Along with this I was delighted with a truly thoughtful piece by one Les Sillars about the deeper lessons to be had from examining the horror of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia.  I was expecting the usual blame shifting humbug only to be confronted by something much deeper and more poignant.  Bravo TAC for running this.  

It appear that TAC may be morphing into a bi-level journal.  The majority of hits still driven by the Dreher running freak show.  At the same time, serious adult writing by new, competent writers supplementing the already fine reportage by Pat Buchanan and Phil Giraldi.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016


The Electoral College meets tomorrow to cast the final, telling, vote deciding america's presidency.  As with most 18th Century manifestations, the college has devolved into both a puzzle to the simple and a tool of the devious.  It seems anachronistic to most of us as we are creatures of the new dispensation of popular mass democracy.  An institution designed specifically to attenuate popular power can't really be justified within the way we are all supposed to think now. So let's not think as we ought but consider the reasoning of the founders and suggest a revivification of the original concept.

The founders  were on record as agreeing with the Greco-Roman tradition of deep suspicion of direct Democracy.  Yet, they were of a mind that the government served no aim other than to effect the interests of those governed.  This is the age-old tragic tension between fairness and efficiency within all human systems  A government for the people that does not reflect their participation soon becomes an unaccountable bureaucracy with a distinct culture and drives of its own.  A government directly of the people will have no better judgment our discernment than any random collection of people, and with their susceptibility to the manipulation of demagogues.   

The founders we're also mindful of what mobs of "The people" were like.  There was much disorder under the Articles of Confederation.  The atrocities of the French Revolution left no doubt about popular assemblies passion for tyrannical and mercurial mayhem.  

Seeing this, and instructed by the history of Athens and Rome, they sought to create a system that operated within an orderly framework that respected procedural safeguards against democratic majoritarian excess.  

By the 21st Century the franchise has been extended beyond any hope of recalling back to the responsible element of the citizenry.  People with no learning and no personal property or accomplishment vote.  People who live off the public fisc vote themselves raises from the pockets of productive fellow citizens.  One party connives to import people into the country for the sole purpose of creating a captive voting block to further bankrupt the established  citizenry.  

The Democratic Party, having cajoled, purchased and fraudulently obtained the popular vote from the classes of described above, now want the the very thing they claimed to be against the day before yesterday.  They want the Electoral College to assert it's semi-aristocratic role as checkmate, and refuse to elect the man they are pledged to elect, Donald Trump.

I suggest that we take them up on this and  rejigger the whole mechanism.  Let's get rid of the popular vote altogether.  That way the people in their wisdom would vote not for President, but for Electors who reflect their own interests and mentalities.  Then, the Electors themselves using their best judgment as to whom to select as the President who reflectes their joint wisdom.  

Of course these Electors would have to meet certain criteria.  Would it be too much to suggest a few?

No Lawyers
No government employees 
No dual citizens
No tenured faculty
No persons without visible, honorable means of support.
No draft dodgers or persons who have not served in some capacity of service to the public.
No Elector would be eligible for public office after having served.
No journalists,  actors,  pimps, lobbyists or other undesirables as to be determined.
No newcomers, Electors would have to be descendants of the third generation at least.   

Thus would  we create a body of citizens who stand before their fellow citizens as guarantors of both order and liberty.  They would come to represent a cadre of superior citizens and should be subject to both enhanced scrutiny and marks of esteem, rather like the the French Legion of Merit.   

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Well that was refreshing.  I must credit myself a bit here.  As a person with a political background I'm used to being pressed for election predictions.  Did I predict yesterdays outcome.  Not precisely.  I did however maintain that something was going on beneath the surface of the electoral lake.  I did so on election night just before the first rickety projections.  

I overheard too many pro-Trump quips from seemingly random apolitical citizens.  I knew too many once anti-Trump Republicans who came to fierce Trump loyalty.  I saw too many knowing looks on the faces of people who had just had enough.  Everyone noticed that Trump rallies were like the sermon on the mount while Hillary's were like a mixed freak show  and funeral directors convention.  I also noticed two things that flew in the face of the narrative.  For all the odium directed at Trump, his lawn signs were more numerous and  planted on the lawns of prosperous homes.  Finally, I knew a lot of local Trump supporters and not a single one of them fit the profile of uneducated white bumpkin. There were numerous other early temblors hinting at the impending Trumpquake.'

I stayed up late enough to see the result through.   I celebrated by tossing some firecrackers off the patio and proceeded to get a good nights sleep.

My explanation for all this?  Just like Steve Sailor, I think the white population came home to the GOP.  Why?  Because for once a genuine nationalist sounding candidate got to the head of the ticket.  The folks in flyover country,  have understood that the Democrats despise them only just a bit more than the Republicans.  This accounts for the stiffs the GOP foisted on their loyal voters for a long while.   (I include both Bush's of course).  The percentage of white voters who are willing to come out to vote for a GOP that betrays them kept shrinking.  This time they had a candidate who appealed to them.  It's that simple.  Seventy percent of the voting electorate is white.  

The reluctance of those polled to lie about their choice to avoid the sin of  political incorrectness is being discussed. No one is denying this time. Clearly a great many people knew who they were "supposed" to vote for.  And just as clearly they voted with the middle finger toward the elite.  

Another matter that I sense without being able to quantify is the beginnings of a cadre of Hispanic voters for Trump is not for the GOP.  I sense that Hispanic veterans and Hispanics in general who have been in the country for a while are assimilated enough to take a patriot/nationalist turn.  We'll see if this is just my hallucination.  

Finally, it's fun to watch Chas. Blow and the other professional blacksplainers lose their composure on CNN and and MSNBC. These characters are so used to presenting their wounded blackness as the universal answer to all questions that they can't adjust to the mere loss of an election.  It will be interesting to see how the whole lefty press negotiates the next four years.