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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Professor Gottfried has a post up at the UNZ review on the extension of the franchise over time and its dolorous effects on liberty and good government.  This is my comment.

The ever wider granting of the franchise took a while. It is hard to see how it can be withdrawn, even piecemeal. Of course, far too many people vote.
The over extension of the franchise was due to the accumulating effects of the spirit of the age. A great treatise could be written on this. Suffice it to say that the spirit of egalitarianism provided a momentum that once begun, could not be stopped. Those who remember when they didn’t have the vote are in a poor position to deny it to others.
I think a culprit in this slide into mass democracy is the simple tendency of people living in large complex societies to forget that such societies are mortal. One might say that most of us are not citizens so much as inhabitants of our country. They become  obsessed with issues of fairness to the exclusion of any need for systemic function. Indeed, the idea of the nation as a functioning system that must prosper in an unfair world hardly exists now. We undertake wars we cannot pay for in order to extend Democracy to people who don’t know what it means. We expand our welfare system without taking account of its bankruptcy.
The founders wanted a natural aristocracy to man the government. They wanted this because they lived in a compact and simple enough society to see that yeomen farmers and laborers had little practical experience of the wider world. They could not be expected to vote for the common good since they had not the information to do so. The founders reasoned that successful, wealthy stakeholders would have more information while understanding their fate was tied to the common wheel.
Today voters are no longer even expected to vote for the common good. They are understood to vote for their own narrow interests. These have nothing to do with the orderly, efficient management of the nation. Democracy in America consists of professional politicians conning ignorant or venal voters into voting for them in the deluded belief that they are serving themselves. Of course they only serve to promote the agendas of the politicians.
American’s belief in Democracy approaches our former belief in God. The extension of mass Democracy is seem as the cure for all ills. Showing that Democracy causes said ills is the great taboo. If we didn’t have mass Democracy to believe in, we would be forced to see how little we have in common. The impulse to constrain popular tyranny can only exist in a society with a strong culture that deeply values particularity and tradition. That is no longer us.
I don’t think there is a conservative cure of this. As we enter the age of oligarchs like Soros, Adelson, Zuckerburg and Gates we will see a reprise of the Late Roman Republic. Democratic politics will become a meaningless plaything of the big men, their money and their factions until the whole edifice falls down and a authoritarian new order takes its place.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hunter as Radio personality The Southern Avenger
The TAC is at it again.  I posted the comment below in response to Jack Hunter's latest exercise in self abnegation.  Hunter's piece was a plea to conservatives to really really listen to black's complaints about injustice, police brutality, profiling and all the rest.  To this end, Hunter quotes liberal talking points that fly in the face of the Department of Justices own statistics.  He knows he is spreading bogus stuff here.  
Hunter has become a pathetic figure.  He used to be on the radio in Charleston SC as "THE SOUTHERN AVENGER."  He got pickled up as a blogger on alternative right websites and eventually became some sort of media hack for Rand Paul.  Hunter was a young man on the rise.  

When the purity of mind police outed him as having shared doubts about the absolute sanctity of all things multicultural-multiracial, he fell as a shooting star from the Republican heavens.  He had to resign from the Paul team, and he has been confessing his sins ever since.  This makes him a perfect fit for The American (post) Conservative.  They deserve each other.

He may beg for a new beginning, but it will never come.  The left will always see him as the Southern Avenger.  He will never be acceptable to the cultural marxists who control the media, or the academy, or the professions.  He is a man without an allegiance to betray anymore.  As a media hack I can't imagine how he might not know this.  

So here is what the thought police at TAC not only refused to post, but deleted altogether.

“I thought it was a badge of honor, that this was my role. I believed part of being a conservative was simply to ignore minority criticism, or perhaps to point to other minorities who agreed with me. Over the years, I’ve changed my mind significantly.”Jack, you “Changed your mind,” when it tripped up your career. You found that to be a Republican writer-campaign operative, you needed to write cringing mea culpas like this. You are not the first operative to find himself an embarrassment to his patron.
News flash, having been the Southern Avenger, you will never be accepted in polite hive-mind society. So stop confessing for previous truth telling. It’s awkward for readers and shameful to yourself.
Just before I wrote this, I heard the President of the Urban League calling for the head of some congressman for daring to address some pro-European American group a decade ago.  Why does Jack Hunter seek favor in a political milieu in which multiple racial groups call the shots while the majority population must remain submissive?  Cowardice and and a perhaps understandable desire to prosper must play some part.  Perhaps he has children to feed. 

We are much better off without him.  Taking the part of the historic American nation requires spine.  He and the likes of Rod Dreher can always find a home at TAC's precious, small, sideshow.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Tis the season wherein we are all meant to put aside our differences and treat each other as children of God.  This is made all the more difficult by the knowledge that many of our fellows deny both God and his injunction to love one another.  Indeed some seem to hate God all the more for his not existing.   

God loves us and therefore insists that we love one another.  I note that this is not because we are innately lovable.  It is precisely because we are so less than lovable that following God’s admonition is important.  He puts up with us, so we must put up with each other in loving emulation. 

Politically, I take comfort in the Christian notion that there is the City of God and the Earthly City of Man.  No matter how close the church was to secular authority, they were never one and the same.  This bifurcation between the religious and the secular is one of the hallmarks of our magnificent Western Civilization.  It helped us emerge from the collapse of Rome.  It was the medium from which the renaissance grew.  Western Civilization is inseparable and unthinkable without Christianity.

Of course Christianity is not just a European phenomena.  It is for the whole world, but for the purposes of this blog post I’m dealing with our American political context.     

Our political institutions grew out of a Christian understanding of man’s place in the universe.  Centuries of canon law helped secular law emerge.  Our universities are an invention of the church.  The division of knowledge into separate disciplines helped in unshackling theology from science, thereby allowing western men of wisdom to explore unimpeded. 

Politics, consisting of the doings of men is an inherently imperfect enterprise.  It is as inherently flawed, as it is necessary.  From a Christian point of view it is not to be the pinnacle of our existence.  The most a wise Christian can reasonably expect of politics and government is that the state not block his ability to live a righteous life.  The role of politics is temporal and finite.  The role of faith is eternal and infinite, looking to eternity.

That said, I have little faith in our politics based of mere materialism, not only because such a way of thought is anti-Christian.  I oppose materialism because materialism makes a religion of itself.  It becomes a faith without a head or transcendent unifying apex.  The materialistic culture we live in today seeks to replace two thousand years of Christian teaching and reflection with a collection of propositions and desires drawn from mere public popularity. 

The more we set our sites on happiness via public policy, the more we are disappointed.  We cannot find fulfillment through legislation.  We cannot regulate our way to character or virtue.  Without God, we can’t even agree on what virtue is.

So Christmas eve, I will be mindful of the mystery of God’s love and fretful over how that love can penetrate the thick skulls of my neighbors and of course, myself.


The usual Republican follies are underway.  The party of smaller government and secure borders felt the donors tug on its leash and voted the donors way again.  Let’s not pretend this is a surprise.  It’s exactly what we expect.  They want the Keystone Pipeline, they want to make cheating by their bankster friends easier and God knows what other Christmas gifts both parties added to this bloated disgrace pretending to be a budget.  But they do not want to take on the President when he and their cheap labor donors are in agreement.

The right is angry that the GOP didn’t stop the president’s executive amnesty of millions of illegal interlopers.  Patriotic Republicans see that the GOP leadership already disarmed itself by first vowing to avoid a government shutdown, then putting off the amnesty push-back to the next congress.  By then it will be all the harder to reverse course.  

Now, perhaps I’m naive about how high policy works.  So let me share my sidewalk superintendent view.

The President has abrogated his responsibility to enforce immigration law by the expediency of executive fiat.  The President is not claiming the right to create new law.  He is granting himself the power to pick and choose the degree to which he will enforce our existing law. This is by any definition, a negation rather than an action.  He is refusing to do his job in order to cull favor.

Democrats, race hustlers, and GOP donors all claim that this is because “Our immigration system is broken.”  They repeat this as though they just read it, chiseled in stone.  Both parties use it. Perhaps it should be affixed to the Statue of Liberty? 

Never mind that if it is broken, the breakage is due to its lack of use.  Are we meant to believe that our immigration system broke down under the force of lassitude? No, if we have millions of illegal aliens and their progeny running around loose, it is because for a long time, we have failed to deport them. 

The Obama administration already fails to deport all but the worst criminals from the interior of our country.  Even the moochers themselves are beginning to understand how safe they are.  They have no fear of both testifying before and disrupting Congress itself. 

In the face of this, the GOP congressional leadership came up with a plan.  They are going to withhold money from the administration so that the administration they won’t have enough money to continue to do what it is already not doing. 


Something is wrong here.  I may only have worked on a state level government, but I have never seen a government employee threatened by a budget cut that didn’t actually threaten his take home pay.  So far as I have learned, the Senate and House GOP in waiting have no intention of abolishing the immigration offices themselves.  If the staff of our famously “Broken” immigration system continue to get their paychecks, cutting their budget will just give them more free time to play solitaire on their desktops.  With such budget cuts, who could blame them for doing a lot more of what they do already, - nothing. 

It strikes me that cutting the immigration budget just gets the immigrations system more and more “Broken.”  And the more broken it is, the more wetbacks the President and company will force on the rest of us.  Isn’t this obvious?

Can anyone imagine CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times failing to report on the shameful parsimoniousness of Congress?  Can’t we imagine Josh Ernest hammering away at those niggardly Republicans, making our immigration system even worse? 

It seems to me that if we want to solve this mess we would stop playing into the cheap labor lobbies hands and attack the problem head on.  

I know, I know, impeachment.  Remember we’re talking about invertebrates here.  Creatures with spines don’t run for Congress. 

No, this is how we beat this is.  The next time some weasel from homeland security whines about not having the resources to deport millions of people, just demand to know how much would it take?  Don’t take no for an answer.  Get a figure.  Then, double it. Then, appropriate and fund it.

It seems blindingly obvious to me that calling Obama’s bluff would be a masterstroke.  Of course we must arrive at a figure sufficient to drive every interloper and his family to the Mexican border in a stretch limo with a full bar.  There will be no suffering, especially with a full bar.  Virgin Air would be available if this is impractical.

This perhaps simpleminded approach would have several positive effects.

First, all legislators love to spend money.  Even Dem’s would have a hard time resisting this. Smart Republican congress critters could call this true immigration reform.  What better way to fix our “Broken” system than by funding the hell out of it?

Second, the President would lose his fig leaf.  We all know he doesn’t fail to deport illegals for lack of funds.  He just doesn’t want to deport brown people. He wants more of them here.  Without them as registered Democrats, neither of his daughters will ever be President.  But with all that added money at his disposal, he will be forced to admit his real agenda. Indeed his left wing and Hispanic allies will force him to come out of his closet.  I think this might just wake up the last few thousand white working class Democrats to what their leader and his party think of them.

Third, the President will of course continue refusing to deport illegals.  But then, he would truly be defying the will of Congress and the American people.  He would have to admit that the system wasn’t broken at all.  He just didn’t like it. And for that, even our congressional salamanders and toads would vote for impeachment. 

The cost of this measure would be high, but we are broke as it is, and still we throw money around like confetti.  Why skimp on this most vexatious cause?  We could sell and old aircraft carrier or two.  I hear the Russians are in the market.  Why not ask our true friends the Israeli’s.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind tossing back a Billion out of the three Billion we send them each year. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


What are we to make of North Korea's aggression against Hollywood?  Both are despicable anti-western systems deserving our hostility.  Both operate from nepotism, bad faith and ruthless suppression of talent.  

Morally they deserve each other.  Indeed it's tempting to thank North Korea for saving us from yet another Seth Rogan movie, especially in this season.  For all the wrong reasons they are our unwitting benefactors.

That said, we can't welcome an act of international vandalism by a sovereign state on any American or American company no matter how much they resemble one another. This is true even if it benefits to those of us with taste.  We are a nation after all, and an attack on one of us is an attack on us all.  As much as we might wish for the elimination of  panhandlers and Geraldo Rivera, we really don't want  the Kim regime to do this.  These are American life forms and it's not his business to do us such favors.  

The North Korean leader, educated in Switzerland, is said to be a consumer of Western media.  What he makes of it, no one can tell (and survive.)  Did he think that Sony's making money from the idea of his assassination was an actual threat or just insulting?  Perhaps he doesn't know that politically correct Hollywood is running out of villain material?  It used to be the Germans and South Africans.  But  the Germans are too rich now and the South Africans are now the "Good Guys."  The hacks who write movie treatments now are reduced to picking on exotic North Korea.  Why not,  their movies don't sell their.  I guess they'll have to go back to picking on someone who won't fight back, like Christians.  They're always a cheap target. 

We have to admit, reading Hollywood studio emails is a guilty pleasure. How much more entertaining they are than their movies. Their casual disdain toward the "talent" that they live off, is a refreshing affirmation of what  we thought of these people all along.  They are without decency or depth, just like their products.    

Our feckless President will feel obliged take some action, if only to quiet his very generous Hollywood supporters.  This will not amount to much as he is a lame duck who no longer needs them.  

Perhaps he might  mention that Seth Rogan is Canadian and Sony is Japanese?  

Sunday, December 14, 2014


CNN of all people, are doing God's work tonight.  The usually politically correct network took time out from their drive to encourage black discontent to run a documentary defending private property  and western entrepreneurialism.  It's called Dinosaur 13.

Westerners and Americans in general have always been collectors, curio hounds and rock and fossil collectors.  For most of our history, this national trait was of little or no interest to the federal government.  

That has changed. occasionally runs accounts of old coots who find themselves facing SWAT raids by the FBI.  Their crime, possible possession of stuff that the government thinks they should not own.  

The federal government, in collaboration with environmentalists and grasping eggheads living off tax free institutions have decided that private individuals have no business collecting anything they consider part of our "priceless heritage."  Of course they know full well that none of such heritage would have survived at all but for generations of private collectors, history buffs, and eccentrics of all kinds.  But in the spirit of our age, only credentialed affiliated boffins are perceived to have standing in almost any walk of life.  

I've noticed that for years, American archeologists have been lobbying for european style laws essentially proclaiming anything one finds in the dirt as property of the nation.  This collectivist imposture should be more shocking to us, but we are accustomed to such claims. 
The federal government can now use the full force of law to take things from you that the people of good opinion deem too important for you to possess. 

This is the story of Dinosaur 13.  Local fossil hunters in South Dakota were too successful in in locating dinosaur fossils.  When they paid some Indian five thousand dollars to dig a bit of his property they found the single best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found.  They had been in the fossil excavation and sale business for a while but this was the find of a century.  

They painstakingly excavated and preserved the find, which they dubbed Sue.  Sue became the centerpiece of their local museum and obviously a cause of much covetousness among the credentialed mediocrities in their labs.  At some point the eye of the federal government  opened and fixed on this little enterprise.  The story from that point is the sad chronicle of a federal prosecutor and the full weight of our ridiculous government to steal  this magnificent find from its rightful owners.  

I urge you to see this great tale of enterprise and betrayal.  This story is such an affirmation of the American spirit that I'm sure the producers are being fired for it as we speak.

As for the rest of us, beware.  Guys with metal detectors, arrowhead collectors and just plain rock hounds, are subject to that SWAT knock on the door at any time.  

Friday, December 5, 2014


Jimmy Carter* reminded us of how clueless he always was today in Princeton.  Addressing 800 credulous characters, he delivered one of his hallmark scolds about rampant campus rape.  

He recited the inevitable bogus rape statistics foisted on us by distempered feminists as though they bore some semblance to reality.  This is an easy task as, so far as I can find, there are no pro-rape factions of institutions.  

Cruel fate being what it is; "He also cited the allegations that a female student at the University of Virginia has made about being gang-raped by seven men in a fraternity house, while another student watched."

Ha said this just as  the whole UVA rape allegation came undone.  Like most things hatched by feminists, it was a clumsy hoax.  The story was repudiated by its publisher.  Lena Dunham's rape fantasy is likewise falling apart.  

The Princeton Packet went on to write:

"The 90-year old former president was at the university to promote his latest book, Call to Action; Religion, Violence and Power, and to sign copies."

So we have a sad tableau, the people of good opinion congratulating ourselves on their high mindedness while selling each other books, all in the service of pieties sans justification.   News of this hoax will not change their view of the world.

*  I suspect millions of James's give thanks, that President Carter insists everyone address him as "Jimmy."