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Monday, March 30, 2015


I didn't really expect the Cruz campaign to read or respond to my plea to be left alone.  So they sent me another BS email, "Sent from Ted's own device."  So before putting Ted's urgent messages into the spam file, I shared the this special message….

Thomas Meehan

1:38 AM (18 hours ago)
to Ted
Obviously your campaign munchkins designed a donation system  impervious to actual feedback.  Good, I like that you are getting off on the wrong foot.  But Ted, I did read your last email. I don't understand why Sheldon Adelson hasn't endowed you with enough money to buy all the votes you need.  You made it clear you despise the Christians of the Middle East.  What more can Sheldon he want?  

In any event, fuck you very much for keeping in touch.

Thomas O. Meehan 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Somehow, I got on Ted Cruz's email list.  Cruz feels picked upon by the usual suspects and needs my help to get his fabulous message across.  My reply is at bottom.

Cruz For President

Monday I announced my campaign for President, and ever since, I've been under constant attack.

Will you chip in $5 -- or even $35 -- to help me fight back?

You see, the liberal media has called me every name in the book -- attacking me for everything from announcing my campaign at a Christian university to listening to country music.

I want you to see a few of the headlines and just how truly desperate the Left is to discredit and destroy me:

   – "I think he's the worst. I think he's scary, I think he's dangerous, I think he's slimy and I think he brings no fresh ideas." - Donny Deutsch & MSNBC
   – "Ted Cruz's phenomenally bad idea" - Washington Post
   – "Ted Cruz's 'country music' drivel: What's really behind his musical conversion" -
   – "Can You 'Imagine' Ted Cruz as President?" - The New Yorker
Thomas, every day since I announced, I have been faced with a new set of attacks with each more vulgar than the last.

One thing is clear; the so-called "tolerant" Left is a myth. They are unable and unwilling to engage beyond their redistributive, socialist agenda and inflammatory rhetoric.

That's why I'm reaching out to you today with a personal request.

Will you help me fend off the Left's attacks by clicking below and making an instant, secure emergency contribution?
My response is as follows:

Thomas Meehan

9:59 PM (1 hour ago)
to ted
When you turned your back on Christians of the Middle East in order to "Stand with Israel,"  you turned your back on me as well. If your need money, look to Sheldon Adelson.  

Take me off your email list. I stand with my fellow Christians and my country.

Tom Meehan 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Eric Margolis over at the Unz Review has an excellent piece on the disgrace of our Congress genuflecting to The Israel Lobby.  It's the same old story and we all know it by heart.  He tells it exceeding well for all that.

Some commenters mentioned the Christian Zionists, those fundamentalist barkers who hammer pro-Israel propaganda line into their flocks gullible brains twenty-four seven.  

Ever so often I share my absolute conviction that at least some of these mountebanks are on the Israeli payroll.  I made a sad attempt to investigate this myself but to no avail.  For one thing, I'm just not dumb enough to impersonate a believer in this sort of pathology.  I can't get inside that madhouse without impersonating a madman.  I'm just not willing.

But someone out there should.  The exposure of a foreign power renting out the pulpits of America has to be news.  This must be especially so when many in the media have had it with the Israeli right and FOX.  The New York Times despises Bibi almost as much as the  these FOX and  the Christians.  

In any event here is I wrote:

I cannot believe that there Isn't a money connection between The Lobby and the Christian Zionist TV preachers.  How hard and investigate could this be?  These slobs betraying both their country and their faith are too sloppy to cover their tracks.   As tax exempt org's,  they have a paper trail and a whole lot of people floating into and out of their orbit.  

No one ever blew the whistle?  No one got fired for failing to toe the Zionist line?

There's a Pulitzer waiting for whoever does a little digging on this. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


From the ever perceptive Steve Sailor on the Israeli presidential elections.  It's a good article along several dimensions but this particular bit caught my eye.  
"My Guess would be that Israel gets more of its top men to go into politics than most other countries. And its universal draft and frequent combat gives other people the opportunity to assess potential political leaders in action."
"It’s kind of like how most of the Presidents of U.S. elected after the Civil War were men who had proved themselves to their contemporaries during the war. Democrats write most of the history books, so we’re supposed to assume the Republican Presidents from Grant through McKinley were non-entities. Maybe they were, but how’d the country do during this period?"
My impression is that smallish countries with universal conscription tend to generate elites who call upon their military contacts over those with impressive resumes for collaboration.  The Swiss are like this. Swiss alpha males get to know each other during their time of service.  It's only natural that they cooperate afterwards. Seeing people in action is a whole lot better criterion than letting HR make decisions on your behalf. And this is in a peaceful country with no combat veterans to speak of. 
In Israel's case It's my impression that this alpha male centered system has a down  side.  Israel's numerous parties, typically led by charismatic leaders, operate more for the good of those leaders than for any common interest.  As Steve points out, It's all about split the pie among many parties.  Everyone within the coalition gets some patronage and some policy promises.  
The old American system of politics forced our politicians to at least make plausible assertions of governance for the benefit of all. I don't think that is the case in Israel.  Frankly, all that I've seen of Israeli politics suggests that many parties exist more for the advancement of the party leaders and a few henchmen than in any wider context.  It seems to me that among Israeli's, talk of the common good for it's own sake is considered naive to the point of inadmissibility. Of course the preservation of Israel as a Jewish state is always in view.  That said, how do you make that the pole star of policy with so many different factional mouths to feed?
Can Israel survive in the long run with such inward looking, mercenary politics?  Who knows.  I do think this system plays a large part in some of the wrong-headed policies that confuse and embitter the rest of the world.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I was digging for information on a local murder.  It smelled of the usual story.  Obvious foreign malefactor identified as "Landsdown man."  He then turns out to be Sudanese drunk driver, murder man.  

Those  invaluable Refugee Resettlement Watch people beat me to it.  Good on them!

Sudanese man charged with murdering Hispanic co-worker in PA meat plant

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 20, 2015
Ah the joys of multiculturalism brought to us by one more foreign-owned meat packing company….
Peter Jok Atem, 32 charged with murder


I came across this while perusing through the  website of The Quarterly Review.

I don't want to lift text off the site so I encourage you to see for yourselves.  Also remember to save the Quarterly Review as a regular stop.  It is a serious addition to our depleted sphere of intelligent literature.  

To summarize, the author, Leslie, went to high school with David Frum back in Canada.  Frum and his fellow neocon nasties were avid players of war games.  Most popularly, fantasy military conquests of the Middle East, Israel hammering Arabs, etc.  

Has anything changed?  Didn't we all suspect that Frum and company are soulless war fantasists? Here is further confirmation, if any was needed, that for the neocons, Canadian and American citizens are just game pieces in their power fantasies.  

I'd like to suggest that Frum, Krauthammer, and their ilk be deported to Canada, except I like Canadians too much.