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Thursday, January 26, 2017


 A few days ago I wrote that the administration should turn the tables on the leftist press by taking them up on illegal alien voting (LET'S VOTE THEM OFF OUR ISLAND below.)  The press was harassing Sean Spicer about the president's view that 4 million fraudulent votes were cast last november, costing him the popular vote. They even dared to suggest that the president should back up his claim with some real numbers assuming he would not. 

Sensing an opportunity, I suggesting he take them up on this.  And so he has.

I don't think someone on team Trump read my blog and the proverbial lightbulb when on.  I do think that he has some savvy people on board who fight to win.  They saw the same opening as I did.

A further consideration is this; old fashioned establishment Republicans would never follow this course of action.  Bushs I and II, Romney, McCain and the whole stable of loser GOP'ers      are paralyzed by white guilt and and can be counted on to back down rather than fight their own corner.  Since the press corps cannot imagine people not sacrificing to their household gods the prospect of such blasphemy never entered their heads.   

They are in for one unpleasant surprise after another with this president.

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