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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Dr. Gottfried wrote another excellent post over at Unz titled: Conservatives shake the hand that strikes them.  His favorite topic is the degree to which official conservative news media cleave to many liberal/left pieties while pretending to hold traditional values.  This is particularly egregious where pandering to minorities is concerned.  For instance the same FOX news that denounces Al Sharpton once hosted as a guest.  

This led me to make a point on such matters that I have long meant to post.  It's odd that more people on the right don't mention this, as surely they must understand it.  Is this too depressing to say out loud?  

If there were a paleoconservative media, some pol's might pander to it.  Since there is none, and there will be none, no such pandering will happen.  I note that Fox now expands it's umbrella to include hip young libertarians. 

This is no reflection on Dr. Gottfried but effective politics relies on the loop between economic players, the political hacks who survive by servicing  them, and the media, who play the role of showcasing and reinforcing all the memes that keep the money-politcs relationship going.  

No moneyed interest or industry survives by representing the interests of traditional Euro-Americans.  And as long as that's true, there will be no paleoconservative media to feed political hacks our story.  It's that simple.

So the cause is truly lost unless we connect our cultural interest with some actual power interest.  It's distressing to me that this point is so rarely mentioned much less addressed.  Perhaps if we can just persuade one of the Koch brothers to give a damn about their fellow, traditional Americans?  OK, that's too much to hope.  

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