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Thursday, March 12, 2015


It's time for me to stop posting comments on The American "Conservative."   

I posted a comment on Phil Giraldi's excellent piece on terrorism late last night and it has been expunged.  Well, pare for the course.  They used to hold them for long periods and perhaps publish them at some pointy or just let them expire.  Now, they kill them.

I think the offending element of my comment was my observation that Israel, while accusing others of terrorism was in fact, founded and led by terrorists.  However inflammatory this seems, it is the truth.  

This latest act of cowardice is timely given Paul Gottfried's latest examination of conservative media aping liberal talking points while holding themselves out as an alternative, all in the deluded hope of gaining minority or liberal support.  (See my last post.) 

Can there be a better example than this?  TAC published Phil Giraldi's excellent journalism on security and intelligence matters while but liquidates comments agreeing with him.  

Behold the Dreher punk mind at work.  Can anyone at TAC believe that by toning down expression on TAC, the Neocons and Conservatism Inc. will hold them in less contempt?  Can they really think that silly attempts to appear high-minded will be appreciated by The Lobby, NRO and the rest?  This is timidity and a servile desire of respectability posing as good taste. 

TAC is a lair of fools and cowards and I will reserve my commentary on them to this blog.  Readers interested in my critique are welcome.   


  1. Is it just or or is TAC dying? Less and less stuff seems to get posted every month.

    I'm ashamed that I once liked Daniel Larison.

  2. Bert, I'd like to say that I read TAC so you don't have to, but that old joke just Isn't true anymore. For several months now I've just skimmed TAC looking for something worth reading. It's so awful that I infrequently settle down to read an article.

    I know Phil Giraldi and always read his stuff. I used to read Larison but find him tedious and predictable. I no longer insult my eyeballs reading Olmsted or the other child-journalists they brought on. If I don't know an author, I will read the post, hoping for a miracle.

    I no longer have much insight into the inner workings of TAC. They certainly don't have a high profile on either the right or center. The left doesn't bother to attack them anymore. How long can this go on? As long as someone writes the checks.

    When was the last time they broke a story?