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Friday, March 13, 2015


After yesterdays exchange between Dreher and myself, Patrick Deneen settled the matter by unfriending me.  That is his privilege and frankly, I understand.  Facebook pages are maintained as social rather than disputational fora.  My snark at the ever-contemptible Dreher must have upset Deneen.  My fights are not Deneen's.

 Yet, he should consider Dreher's plausibility as defender of "tradition."  So far, he is a repudiator of both the Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions.  He not only repudiated the Roman Catholic tradition but became one of the Church's fiercest calumniators.  How long will it be before he turns on his current faith-flame, the Orthodox?

So in the spirit of tradition I salute Patrick Deneen's defense of civility.  

Clearly I was justified in posting my exchange with Dreher on this blog late last night.  I thought it probable that it would prompt some sort of censorship.  I was right.  Deneen's act makes it impossible to see what was posted thereafter.  Did Deneen let his wounded little friend have the last word or perhaps more?  I may never know.  


  1. Oh, it's not about anything as noble as civility. It's about who picks up the check.

    You don't.

    It's like any domesticated animal. It licks the hand that feeds it.

  2. Good lord I hate Dreher. I hope a tiger mauls him.

  3. Keith, I read the Galatoires piece. Only a name dropping narcissist with a fan club could write such crap and get away with it. It's all there, the name dropping, the faux Epicureanism, the Woody Allenish admissions of haplessness, etc.

    I don't get exorcised about Deneen. Guts and academia have never run together much. His posts on Facebook were mostly about his alma mater and such. Not much to miss.

    I do wish I knew what was written after the Facebook break. Dreher I suspect, posted something, knowing that I could not respond. He is just that much of a punk.

    1. I bet someone could manage to retrieve that convo for you!

      I've been to Galatoire's. Overpriced tourist trap. The food's very good, but the seating is so uncomfortable. Why the French and their imitators feel this need to make you suffer for your dinner by sitting on hard chairs at tiny tables is beyond me.

    2. Perhaps someone will. Not much is at stake but if what I suspect is true, it would be great fun to write up.

      I've never been to Louisiana. I've never quite got the mixture of seafood and spicy sauces. My impression of those chairs is that 19th, early 20th Century bistro seating was like that. Only high class establishments had comfy seating. I could be wrong on this.

  4. Louisiana is a shithole. Dumbass Negroes, stupid hicks, rainstorms and the worst goddamn humidity you've ever seen in your life. Don't go there unless you have to.