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Saturday, March 14, 2015


I came across this while perusing through the  website of The Quarterly Review.

I don't want to lift text off the site so I encourage you to see for yourselves.  Also remember to save the Quarterly Review as a regular stop.  It is a serious addition to our depleted sphere of intelligent literature.  

To summarize, the author, Leslie, went to high school with David Frum back in Canada.  Frum and his fellow neocon nasties were avid players of war games.  Most popularly, fantasy military conquests of the Middle East, Israel hammering Arabs, etc.  

Has anything changed?  Didn't we all suspect that Frum and company are soulless war fantasists? Here is further confirmation, if any was needed, that for the neocons, Canadian and American citizens are just game pieces in their power fantasies.  

I'd like to suggest that Frum, Krauthammer, and their ilk be deported to Canada, except I like Canadians too much.

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