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Friday, September 26, 2014


The reemergence of Jeff Bell on the New Jersey political scene is cause for nostalgia and hope against hope enthusiasm among conservatives.  They can save themselves the effort.  He will not defeat Cory Booker for a NJ Senate seat.   Even New Jersey’s nominally Republican Governor, Christie “Pass the linguine,” Christie likes Booker better.

Almost everyone in New Jersey is on the public teat in some way or other.  The public is divided into economic opportunists and parasites, so the present system works just fine for them.

Bell is a foreign invasion enthusiast extraordinaire.  He calls for immigration reform with all the bogus caveats he knows never be enforced.  Citing President Reagan, he trots out the old quote “Latinos are Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.”  How many times must we hear this?  That was in 1986, and the Latinos are still sure they’re Democrats.  Reagan later admitted the amnesty bill he signed was a very bad mistake.  Yet clowns like Bell keep trying to re-perpetrate it.

Bell claims that the Republican Party has been “Unwelcoming” to Latinos by “….refusing to consider a path to legalization for those who came here illegally over the years or an expanded quest worker program that is open to low skilled workers, not just PhD’s.  President Reagan tried to solve this problem in 1986, but the law he signed that year left out access for immigrants who want to come here and work temporarily without becoming citizens.  It’s led to the crisis we have today of millions of people who come from Mexico and elsewhere and simply stayed because neither the law–which actually makes it a misdemeanor- nor out border security encourage people to come here the right way.

That is a chilling insight into Bell’s thinking.  He assumes that Mexicans and others have some prior right to seek employment here and it is we who create a crisis by failing to accommodate their inevitable presence among us.  Note also that he assumes that we need to welcome foreign PhD’s.  In plain speaking, this means that he likes lots of H1B’s but think’s it unfair to overlook the needs of huge unskilled labor industries. 

He goes on to say that,  “If elected, I’m headed to the U.S. Senate to fight for a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes a generous, market-based guest worker program so we don’t repeat the crisis that stems from 1986.”   

This is either breathtaking stupidity or outright cupidity.  I am persuaded it is the latter.  Bell knows that the 1986 law led to our present crisis because no one in or out of government would enforce it.  It is madness to suppose that his new “Reform” would be enforced any better, or at all. 

Immigration Reform means amnesty.   Bell hopes to attract funding from cheap labor industry sources.  Their complaint is that the last amnesty wasn’t big enough! 

Bell must be desperate to make this cheap labor pitch because he specifically adds the “Promotion of Legal Immigration” as a separate item on his website.
Just so we get his message he says, “To prevent recurrence of the undocumented immigrant buildup of recent decades, immigration reform must include a generous guest worker program with state-by-state flexibility to exceed any nationwide limits on quotas specified by federal policy.”

Perhaps he should name his bill, the No American Left Employed Act.   (NALEA?)  Providing for the common defense must not interfere with the industrial tomato harvest.  Who cares how many "quests" are here to speed the process along.  Germany invited Turkish quest workers a few decades ago and still can't get rid of them.  

The Reagan Coalition contained many factions.  Characters like Bell, Jack Kemp and their ilk were/are creatures of economics just as surely as comrade Brezhnev was a creature of Dialectical Materialism.  While the rest of us were patriots fighting the Cold War, they dreamed of a new America governed by the manipulation of the tax code.  And just like Comrade Brezhnev, they are at heart materialists with little interest in our culture or traditions.  We mistook them for fellow patriots but they weren't.  For them, we fellow citizens are just economic units.



Jeff Bell Voters?

In order to get a feel for just how interchangeable we all are to such people, I suggest readers go the Bells own website. *  Examine Bell’s picture show carefully.  You may see some odd sights. Chinese people in hard hats looking into the distance are illustrations of his energy policy.  Most bizarrely, under National Defense, you see Chinese Communist bayonets as an image of a strong America.  I suppose some young media person took these images of the net.  Yet, it speaks volumes about Bell’s audacity in carelessly using such images to gull Americans into voting against their own patrimony. 

                                         Bayonets and rifles are Chicom Simonov's

·      All quoted Text comes from Bell’s Website

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