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Sunday, September 14, 2014


First, Obama pronounces the Islamic State, "Unislamic."  Now the Late Breitbardt's Neo-con website impugns the Christianity of Middle East Bishops.  

As you can see from the headline to the right,  a conclave of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians met in Washington to appeal for our help and to reach out to each other.  They  made the mistake of granting Cruz permission to speak.  They couldn't have known Cruz as the shameless political opportunist and tool of the Israel lobby that he is.  They can't have imagined that their guest would demand fealty to the Zionist state as the price for his, and our help.  He might as well have distributed "l" pills, all the better to speed their suicide. He actually said, "If you don't stand with Israel, I will not stand with you." He said this to people representing people who had their homes leveled by the IDF.  

These people are the remaining Christians of a region in which each and every act of ours and Israel's brought them closer to extinction.  Any endorsement of Israel on their part will bring immediate massacre by their Muslim neighbors.  The Arab Spring that our idiotic President sought to further and exploit has been a Christian winter, bringing persecution and murder from Egypt to Syria, to Tunisia, to Syria.  And our government has done nothing to alleviate any of it.

The Government of Israel persecutes Christian Palestinians just as enthusiastically as Muslim ones.  Both Israel and the USA seek to topple The Assad Regime of Syria, despite the fact that Assad is the last friend Middle Eastern Christians have in the region. 

What we can take from this is that when leaders, either actual or of the opinion variety, lose all respect for their audience, their audacity knows no bounds.  The American Conservative movement has descended to enforcing anti-Chrisitian policy, on behalf of a foreign power.  American conservative Christians are actually willing to endure the bullying and vilification of fellow Christians by mountebanks like Cruz and non-Christians like the Neo-cons and Breitbart's little minions.  

If Cruz or anyone like him is the nominee of the GOP in our next Presidential election, the only recourse must be the defeat of the GOP and the rise of a viable patriotic party, reflecting the values and traditions of this country.    

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  1. Amen. BTW, I am also a refugee from New Jersey, now living in Bangor Maine.