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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 This is a comment I left on Phil Giraldi's excellent takedown of the awful Cruz.  The reference is to a Cruz claim that American ambassadors were swilling chardonnay at the UN with their Iranian opposite numbers.  Sure Ted, sure.  
Only a Baptist could speak in terms of “Swilling chardonnay.” This statement lends credence to the rumor that Cruz actually graduated from Princeton without taking a single drink. Disgraceful! Princeton used to turn out gentlemen, now….?
The frightening thing here is that most of the GOP field are little better than Cruz. It’s as if adults no longer enter GOP politics. GOP campaign consultants must have polled words like prudence, stewardship and resolve, and found them unfit for use on the modern American public. Only the language of comic book super-heros will do it seems.
At least Democrats are open about their resentment of distinction and hunger for others money. They play openly to our lowest impulses. But Republican politicians have the additional burden of disguising their frauds in the language of patriotism and “standing with” allies.
I suspect that this will all end in tears before long. After both sides succeed in replacing our population and bankrupting our economy, the game will change.

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