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Saturday, June 14, 2014


The following is my comment languishing in TAC's comment hades.  This is nothing new.  But I wonder what exactly they object to.  They are vociferously anti-Zionist.

The Blog Post as McConnell's "Cantor's lose is also Netanyahu's"  

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Support for the Zionist cause became conflated in the minds of many with muscular conservatism. This is particularly true of southern protestant conservatives, who relate more to the old testament. Cantor’s tribal reasons for his zionism may have been that proverbial bridge too far. It’s ordinary southern conservatives children who fight and die in Cantor’s favorite wars.
With the farce that is Iraq  in its final act, we need to take the fight to the neocons for the waste of life and treasure their underhanded treason caused.

Note: I cleaned up some spelling gaffs from the original. 

Perhaps pointing out the lack of neocon dead in neocon wars was a step too far?  I suspect my use of the word "Tribal," may have put the wind up their fussy little feathered backs.  

This sort of quibbling is representative of the pointlessness of the new TAC.  It is noteworthy that Daniel Larison must be allowed to edit his own comments section as does Dreher.  I'm guessing this because he doesn't censure me.  As I stated  elsewhere, most TAC writers have no control over the comments responding to what they write.   


  1. Maybe your comment lacks those elusive notes of tarragon, willow, and PBR that marks a true, full-bodied TAC comment, young and impetuous, but with just the tiniest world weary hints of Morrisey, a razor blade, a warm bath and an open vein.

  2. Ah, a man with a sense of humor and of his topic! I really don't mind them blocking my comments. As you see, it provides grain for my little mill. TAC is getting unreadable. Note that McCarthy Isn't posting anymore. Has there been a falling out? Are they going broke? The TAC soap opera is good for gossip but the center of the conservative discussion has moved on.