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Sunday, June 15, 2014


I posted this over on Conservative Times in response to Red Phillips' thoughtful questioning about the farrago in Iraq.  It is inspired by listening to Sunday TV pseudo-experts.  I must admit someone at CNN has a most sardonic sense of humor, inviting Paul Wolfowitz to share his wisdom on Iraq for us to admire.  

Wolfowitz is on the tube as I write, along with (Jane) Harman and other crypto- Israeli's sharing their deep thoughts about what is to be done. (about ISIS's conquest of large portions of Iraq)  The questions may change but the talking heads remain the same.

Not surprisingly no mention is made of our assistance to the anti-Assad forces playing a role in the rise of ISIS.  As a nation, our gift for playing a wise hand in foreign affairs is negligible.   We create instability and wonder why we can't fix instability by doing the same things!

What troubles me is that if ISIS can hold ground in one or both countries, forming some sort of state, it will indeed need to be confronted.  This creates the perfect opening for our zionist keyboard bombardiers to get back in the game.   I don't believe that this will be necessary for us to doe so, but who wants to bet that this or future administrations will resist the temptation?   Turkey and Iran can do the job all by themselves.  

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