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Thursday, June 12, 2014


As Iraq sinks into the fissiparous jumble it always was, the Iranians are pledging support to their fellow Shia’s in Baghdad.  I expect the blowhards at FOX, the Neo-cons and the warrior princesses within the Obama administration will all go mad with anxiety at this.  Well, they would. 

We who retain some historical memory have another perspectives. 

The last time the USA found itself mired in a war it did not understand enough to win, we saw how those who won falling into the same traps we did, almost immediately.  Remember that the Vietnamese got bogged down in a nasty expensive guerilla war in Cambodia and to some degree in Laos on our departure.   The USSR, learned nothing from watching us in Vietnam, starting their own endless counterinsurgency fiasco in Afghanistan.

So let’s just sit back and watch the Iranians take on the role of fighting ISIS in Iraq. Let them take on the task of controlling the Sunni population with the attendant IED’s, sniping etc.  It just might be the best route to replacing the Mullahs in Tehran with a mellower and wiser alternative.

As to Iraq, let it fracture along tribal, sectarian lines.  It is no longer our concern. 

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