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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Trenton NJ, is about twenty five percent illegal Hispanic.  Most come from Guatemala. The city fathers face a dilemma.  What do you do when the only people in town who work and pay rents are not supposed to be there in the first place?  Furthermore, how do you accommodate the neighboring communities who rely on those people to supply a cheap, docile workforce?

For Trenton the answer was easy; accommodate the interlopers.  One way is to allow the issuance of identification cards that ape legal documentation, and then treat the cards as if they were valid.  Trenton, Princeton and Asbury Park have cooperated in a scheme to allow a coalition of civic groups to issue community ID cards.

The New York Times reports the reason. *

 “Kirk Semple,  Trenton N.J. – Since moving to this city from her native Guatemala a decade ago, Herlinda, an illegal immigrant, has supported her family with restaurant work, but has no way of proving she lives here. Without government-issued photo identification, like a drivers license or a passport, she said, she could not get treatment at most medical clinics, borrow a book at the library, pick up a package from a mail center or cash a check.” 

“When you don’t have proper ID, they can humiliate you,” said Herlinda as she waited in the offices of a church where the cards are issued. “I feel I belong in Trenton.” Where she got the idea that her sense of Dignitas  has nothing to do with her law  breaking is a matter for another day. 

According to the times:

 In one sense, these liberal cities and Arizona’s conservative lawmakers are working toward the same thing, said Maria Juega, treasurer of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, an advocacy group that spearheaded the ID programs in Trenton and Princeton.  “Both camps, she said, are trying to fill the void created by Congress’s failure to fix a flawed immigration system.”

I suppose that in Ms. Juega’s reasoning, failing to accommodate trespassers quickly shows a lack of statesmanship.  In a nutshell, Hispanics flood the country thus “Breaking” the immigration system.  Then they say the only way to fix it is to let more in. The cards are described by The Times and advocates as not granting legal residency or the right to work.  They are pathways for persons already here to access libraries, doctor’s offices and check cashing establishments and the like.  In addition, the cards reassure illegals that local police will recognize the cards as a certain legitimizing credential establishing them as residents.

Apart from flying in the face of national sovereignty, what are the drawbacks of these cards? 

The first and most egregious flaw in this scheme is that since the cards are issued by non-governmental organizations, some of which have more loyalty to the card applicant than to the community at large, they are no guarantee that the identity on the card matches that of the card holder.  Many illegals already have various forms of false ID. It is preposterous to think that a poverty program or Catholic Church issuing the card has any way to establish the identity of the card holder.  Yet the local police are charged with acting as if this person is who he says he is. The cards have pictures but no finger prints or paper trail.  What’s to keep an illegal from getting multiple cards from trusting social workers or priests?  In this the cards are no help at all in determining just who is who among illegals.

We are meant to believe that illegals can’t cash their checks or get to free medical services without these faux ID’s.  It’s too bad the Times reporter didn’t ask what the illegals have been doing for money and health care for the past twenty years? Illegals either get paid in cash, or by check.  They’ve been cashing those checks somewhere for decades.  Someone needs to tell the Times that in the case of healthcare, no one gets turned away from the emergency room.  Nobody.  The crushing need for illegals to use citizen funded libraries and pools are laughable.  Locals know that the Guatemalans prefer to swim in the Delaware River away from the blacks, and many can’t read at all.

Everyone knows that another amnesty is in the works.  To say these cards do not grant permission to work or gain citizenship is hugely misleading.  When the next amnesty roles around, it will be precisely documents such as these that will be used to establish eligibility.  Anything we do to condone illegal residence will have the same effect. 

The issuance of these cards is posed as a humanitarian measure, but in reality they are just facilitating cheap labor at the expense of American taxpayers and workers.  Trenton and Asbury Park are full of Americans who chose not to work.  Allowing business interests and race hustlers to foist an entirely new underclass on us compounds our problem.

And consider the effect it will have on law enforcement.  Trenton police officials favor the cards as an aid to cooperation from the illegal “Community,” who are frequent targets of Trenton’s black criminals.  No one is considering the long term effect of granting immunity to illegals reporting crime.  How long will it take before a corps of illegal alien professional informers develops, trading information for immunity from deportation, and eventually amnesty?  If illegals whish to avoid American black crime, they should avoid settling in our cities. 

And there is this according to the Times.

 “As Augustin registered for a card, Mario revealed that his (card) had been useful in some unexpected ways.”  

“Early one recent morning as he was driving to work, he was pulled over by a Trenton police officer for driving with a broken tail light.  The officer he said, asked for his insurance card and registration was well as his driver’s license.  While Mario had the car documents, he had no drivers license; instead he offered his local identity card.”

 “The police officer, Mario said, let him go with a warning about the tail light.  There was no mention of the lack of a driver’s license.”

So illegal alien dishwashers in good stead needn’t go through the anarko-tyrany future, where useful aliens live in a different legal space than we dumb natives.

Finally, remember, all this goes on in the city where Chris Christie governs as a “Conservative.”

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