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Monday, May 19, 2014


The American Conservative has a reader survey up at the moment.  Have they finally noticed their own pointlessness?  Once an dreadnought of Paleoconservatism, they degenerated into a ship of fools in search of a heading. It's telling that a magazine founded by people with adamantine convictions should now be reduced to asking the readership what it wants to hear.

I encourage all readers to rush to the TAC site and put in your two cents. I did.  Of course, I asked them to get rid of the most egregious barnacles (Dreher, McConnell) and stowaways, (Millman).  I also added that they can do without the children they recruited  (Coppage, Olmstead ).  Of course, I also suggested that they might return to the Paleoconserevative roots from which they sprung. Finally I suggested that they try breaking some news rather than merely mooning over events as they do now.  Phil Geraldi is the only one at TAC who tells readers thinks they don't already know.

It is important to recognize this survey for what it is.  TAC realizes that having purged actual conservatives in order to forge some sort of new conservatism, they have created an amorphous symposium of nothing in particular. The point of conservatism is to preserve the best, even if unpopular.  Nothing speaks more of  TAC's lack of Conservatism than it's flailing about for direction in this way.

So spead the word. Now is the time to give TAC permission to save itself.


  1. Thanks. I think you missed the 'p' in particular; OTOH articular is a word pertaining to the skeletal system, so its use serves the matter at hand as well.

  2. You're probably too late. Given that TAC (meaning Rod's personal friend, Dallas publisher Wick Allison) is both sponsoring and sending Jon Coppage down to cover the tax-deductible crawfish and beer party Dreher's throwing for himself this weekend, any thing that remains of TAC beyond being an "alt-conservative" 501c3 end in itself engine like NPR will likely be defined from now on mostly by Dreher's randomly changing sensibilities. Dante! No, wait...Icelandic prawns in coffee! No, wait...