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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I confess I wasn't expecting tonights defeat of the odious crypto-Israeli, immigration traitor Cantor of Virginia.  I just got home from a most pleasant day and can now sleep in the knowledge that there is some sentient life in our old republic yet.

Backed by all the usual GOP donors, Cantor was beaten by his own constituents.  The number two man in the GOP house establishment has been sent packing. This opens the prospect of a revolt brewing among Republican voters against the whores who claim to represent their interests while selling them out to their corporate donors.  Is it possible that the our majority population refuses to be displaced in order to boost the bottom line of oligarchs?

Cantor was not only an immigration amnesty shill, but a lackey of the Israel lobby.  This puts his cavalier mentality about White Christian Americans into perspective.  His loyalty was always to Israel, a country with real immigration control and a purposeful devotion to the well-being of its majority population.  He was content to carry water for the Israelis as they expelled illegal immigrants and built a wall to repel intruders while seeking to defeat his own countries attempt to do the same.  

The defeat of Cantor, whether an anomaly or the beginning of something bigger, is cause for rejoicing.  

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