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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Senator Jeff Sessions may be the Stupid party’s last chance to avoid extinction.  In fact Jeff sessions may be the American people’s last chance to avoid the same thing.  Sessions has been waging a lonely campaign to stop the GOP from selling its voters and the country out at the behest of American oligarchs.  While political courtiers like Boehner, Cantor and McConnell see only the campaign funding offered by the Business Round Table, the National Chamber of Commerce, etc, Sessions offers a new direction that actually grows the party with the only thing necessary to win, voters.  As the party of Lincoln has become the party of Zuckerberg it bleeds support from the squeezed blue collar and middle classes, who are the net victims of the GOP’s donors.

Ordinary Republican voters are coming to see that the elites that fund and control their party have more in common with the elites of other societies than they have with them.  They are seeing that multi-national trade and multi-culturalism are brothers under the skin, dissolving the interests of Western populations in a race for cheap labor sans national character. 

Sessions revolutionary alternative to Republican subservience to elite donors rests on an aggressive redirection toward three causes.  They are:

IMMIGRATION: Numerous polls affirm that the majority of Americans oppose both amnesty the current levels of immigration.  According to Sessions, even with high unemployment among the native born, thirty years of reckless importation of immigrant labor has resulted in adding one foreign worker for every four Americans turning 18 each year.  If President Obama’s immigration policies are enacted, that will surge to approximately one immigrant or guest worker for every American turning 18 for the next decade.  Neil Munro of the Daily Caller writes, “If the supply of labor increases faster than the stalled economy, workers get less pay, Democrats get more dependents, and Wall Street snags higher profits.  Even President Barack Obama’s economic adviser and the Congressional Budget Office agree on that economic reality. 

Sessions said “We’ve got the lowest workforce participation rate in 36 years, We’ve added 15 million people to America since 2007, but we actually have fewer people working today than in 2007.”  “Anybody who wants to win an election needs to take seriously the plight of middle-class and lower middle-class workers.  I think there is a genuine awakening among Republicans to this trend, and Republicans do have the answer.  Republican policies will make this better, and we need to assert that.”

 TRADE:  Apart from stopping the flood of cheap labor from abroad, Sessions sees the need to combat the effects of unfair trade deals on Americans and the economy in general. 

Sessions “I’ve been a supporter of international trade – most Americans have – but I think the average American worker has the right to insist that government protect them from unfair trading practices by many of our trading partners.”

“We buy trillions of dollars (of merchandise) annually from trading partners, and they won’t even buy our chicken and steaks.  It’s very hard to penetrate Asian markets with American agricultural goods. It ought to be a lot easier.” 

We’ve got the crowd on Wall Street that thinks anyone who pushes back against unfair trade is against trade.  But a trade agreement with a partner is a contract.

ENERGY: According to Sessions, “The Democratic energy policy is devastating to working Americans.  Anytime you talk about more energy production (Democrats) say it is because you want to help oil companies.”

“We need to consistently demonstrate to Americans that our concern is for you – we don’t want your electric bills to go up.  We want them to go down, and the policies of this administration are driving them up.  It is like a secret tax.”

Summing up Sessions said, “ Fair trade and immigration represent opportunities for the Republican Party to say to the American people. ‘We hear you; you’re right, and we’re going to respond positively.’ This is more than words or spin - it is an actual substantive alteration in what a lot of people perceive to be Republican doctrine.”

I hope Senator Sessions message becomes the dominant one among Republicans.  If this approach fails, the character of our country will be denatured to an unrecoverable degree.  We will no longer be the country we grew up in but a poor, polyglot and corrupt husk, with a once proud name.

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