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Monday, August 12, 2013


Has anyone else noticed that Ron Unz's article on race never made it into the pages of the magazine of which he is the publisher?  For that matter, Pat Buchanan's race piece of the same week was not carried on the pages of that same magazine, you know,the one  he founded?  Things are clearly afoot!


In a Comments thread a few days ago I posited the question, do the blog authors at TAC write their own headlines.  An editor actually dropped in to say that while this is usually the case, on occasion headlines are concocted by the editors.  I don't find this a point of great significance but it does show a certain mentality at work.  The case in point was an post by Eve Tushnet entitled: I'm OK, You're Dead. A reader found the title mystifying. I chimed in with the obvious reference to Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis of the early 70's. So it's all about when you grew of age and the passions and delusion of that time.  It helps to remind yourself that the popular obsessions and nostrums of the day will almost inevitably join the forgotten humbug of tomorrow.

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