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Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is a first.  The American Conservative has actually expunged a comment of mine rather than just letting it die in the queue.  I  must have written something really awful.  It was directed at Goldman's racism piece wherein many of the usual crew of self flagellating faux conservative readers agonized over White culpability in all things Black and unpleasant.  I tried not to weigh in but pique got the better of me.  So readers, here is my totally unacceptable comment. Please don't let children, pregnant ladies or the feeble minded see this as it could cause permanent derangement.

  • August 14, 2013 at 10:48 pm
    Let me make an utterly unacceptable suggestion. Why don’t we pale people stop this neurotic, masochistic mummery and declare that the statute of limitations of our guilt has run out?
    The majority of Blacks living in Western post industrial societies simply fail to thrive. And that is with racial preferences in employment and education. But these are OUR societies. Without a decent sense of racial, cultural pride among the (still) White majority, nothing can be accomplished. I know I’m not alone in having had enough with the endless search for the real reason for Black failure or criminality. If nothing else, such a search robs Blacks of any moral agency in their own fate.
    TAC can join the weenies at the National Review and other Conservative Inc. sites on the issue of race. Or it can be a responsible venue for heterodox opinion. Things are falling apart. Your conservative readership is also very largely White. They won’t tolerate the same old song of white culpability for the failure of others while they suffer from a collapsing system of racial preference and displacement.

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