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Monday, July 22, 2013


Relying on the comments of others, not to mention appearances, is always a risky business.  I have written about the decline of The American Conservative several times believing that it was totally in the hands of Ron Unz ands attributing it substantially to him, thinking that was the owner.  I now know that TAC is a 501c3 with all that that implies.

So perhaps the decline of TAC is a more complex phenomenon than I imagined.  It does not appear that Mr. Unz bears total responsibility for the decline.

BTW, I have not been contacted by anyone at the TAC for the above, nor have I ever met or spoken to Ron Unz.  I don't think his views on immigration are correct nor his stance on human biodiversity. But I do owe him an objective point of view. and that I will continue to provide.


  1. Ron Unz is not the problem at TAC. He has some silly views on Hispanics, but if you look at his latest piece on Race and Crime, or his piece on Ivy League discrimination, you can tell he is far more interesting than the others.

    Unz also has almost no control on the magazine now (notice how they did not publish his piece on race and crime)

    The biggest culprit is Wick Allison, though others have also been responsible.

  2. Thomas O. MeehanJuly 22, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    I have heard this from other(?) sources and that is why I wrote the above post. We need to get to the bottom of this if we are not to lose yet another source of actual conservative information.

  3. There's nothing to "get to the bottom" of.

    Pat Buchanan and Taki have nothing to do with the Magazine anymore. Scott McConnnell--who was the most liberal of the founders-- moved even more leftward. He has been open about this.

    McConnell brought on a bunch of more squishy moderates and liberals and here we are.

    It's been several years since it was a source of "actual conservative information." And a few people cancelling their subscriptions won't scare them when they get funded by the Rockefeller Foundation

    1. Well, this will take some looking into.