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Friday, July 19, 2013



I was going to post something later on the President's faux impromptu speech to the White House press corps.  And then I noticed an almost giddy puff piece in TAC by some kid they recently hired named Jonathan Coppage.  Let me say that this is just the latest signal from TAC that they no longer wish to be considered Conservative in any way beyond their masthead.  Along with Coppage's love letter to our mulatto messiah, there was a piece by Goldman attacking the 2nd amendment, a piece by Jacobs in the same vane and a really shameful piece by Millman whining about Human Bio-Diversity.  So It's official, TAC is now a sham.  It has devolved into a spineless exercise, a hermaphrodite among the journals.  It is neither really conservative or left.  It is a talking shop for those worshiping at the plastic shrine of the goddess NICE.

Here is what I posted as a comment.  Who knows, they may even print it.  

"President Obama surprised the White House press corps today when he dropped into the daily briefing to deliver remarks in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Trayvon Martin’s killing."  Then I suppose the comrades over at MSNBC must be clairvoyant, because they televised it from the first sentence.

I keep reminding myself that this is a "Conservative" site.

The President critiqued the trial in such a way that left no doubt as to his bias.  He then grudgingly allowed as the jury has spoken as though it is any of his concern as a Federal Official.

He then went on to give the usual disingenuous , mealy mouthed recitation of Black Americans hurt feelings and understandable grievances.  This included the preposterous claim that in his youth it might have been him dead on that lawn.  Anyone at all familiar with the President's biography knows that he has been a pampered social climbing little hipster since he was old enough to smell his first liberal.  He also brought up several old canards guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of all liberals.  Clicking car locks, purse clutching, etc, slights directed even at Barack Hussein Obama!  The idea that these may be hard-learned behaviors reinforced by the experience of friends, family members and by the police blotters of all our news outlets is  a possibility never to be admitted in polite society.  Even though we all know it to be true.

He finished with a promise to do what he can to reduce the self defense rights of us all, presumably because too many Trayvons rather than Zimmermens are showing up in the morgue.  Why this disturbs the author is a puzzle.    

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