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Monday, July 22, 2013


I don't usually toot my own horn on this blog but the commenter known as TomB over at TAC posted the following comment on my take on why leftists push gun control.

  1. TomB says:
    In response to my post wondering whether at least some reasonableness might be granted to those against the Stand Your Ground idea Thom Meehan wrote:
    “Leftists deeply dislike the rest of us and so they project that malice on to the rest of us. Naturally, we ordinary American racists, homophobes, capitalists, ignorant tools of a false consciousness, etc., must be disarmed and….”
    You know Thom, what you write is deeply dispiriting because it has such validity.
    One wants to remain in “the center” as Yeats would have it, but you’re exactly right in terms of how the Left sees that.
    After all how else does one explain that it isn’t just against “Stand Your Ground” laws, but then against concealed carry laws too, and then so clearly against handguns in toto. (With long guns then no doubt being the next target, with the British Left no doubt showing the way.)
    At least with the Right one senses that the positions it assumes are indeed just pieces of its limited goals, not just some temporary ratchet-stop on a limitless unstated Utopian agenda that involves remaking us over in their self-image, or more likely running us over in the course of their remaking of society.
    And thus it is dispiriting trying reasonably to “go their way” as to this or that issue, trying to accomodate or see some reasonableness in what position(s) they take, because those positions aren’t really their goals, but are instead just stepping-stones on their agenda that has nothing to do with reasonableness.
  2. Thanks Tom.  I appreciate you comment.

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  1. Mr. Meehan: I'd like to thank you for the comment you posted on "The American Conservative" about the article "Vietnam: A War on Civilians." I wrote two posts strongly disagreeing with the spreading of more lies about the Vietnam war; none were published. Figures. My husband, was a bit too young during the war and therefore didn't serve, but know a lot about that war. He read the article and told me he felt sick to his stomach. I urged him to write a comment, telling the facts he knows about the US participation, but after mine were censored he didn't see the point. I was astounded to see that a site that calls itself "Conservative" hosts a positive review written by a big-time Leftist such as Nick Turse. Mr. Turse is a darling of Moore, Moyers, The Progressive and the likes. I am sure we'd benefit more from a book telling the TRUTH (for a change) about the Vietnam war! I don't know about you, but I'm very glad to know Americans disrupted that election and stopped a blood-thirsty commie to take over power! (Forgive me for the rant...) Emilia Kette