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Monday, May 20, 2013


More on the Immigration and Border Security Hearings:  Senator Grassley noted a change in the proposed law granting the President the power to designate whole populations as eligible for asylum.  Senator Dick Durbin D-Illinois, inadvertently aided our understanding of just how corrupt this process is by mentioning the infamous Lautenberg Amendment. Year after year Lautenberg has seen to it that Soviet Jews wishing to escape the USSR and make their way to the US had there own preferential quota.  What Durbin failed to mention and Grassley failed to pick up on, was that this piece of ethnic favoritism and nest feathering still exists and still imports Jews who are no longer oppressed from a country that no longer exists!

This part of the Gang of Eight's legislation will make the following possible.  President Obama determines that the entire Luo tribe, that is, HIS tribe in Kenya, is an oppressed group. The entire tribe then gets it's own preferential quota and is fast tracked through immigration to be settled in New Jersey.  Granted, given NJ's current demographics, the change might go unnoticed.  But what's in it for the rest of us?

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