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Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm monitoring the Immigration bill otherwise known as the cramming as many swarthy future Democrats as possible into our Republic bill hearings on CSPAN.

1. The first matter of note:  Diane Finestein offered an amendment increasing the number of displaced Tibetans up to Five Thousand.  Well, are all fond of the Tibetans.  I only note that we who were born here have little in common with them and they are already living in India and Nepal.  So this is an asylum bill admitting persons who have already achieved asylum somewhere else. The committee voted this up after gleefully agreeing that it would upset the Chinese.  Apparently inviting persons to live among us solely for the purpose of teeing off another government is deemed a worthy purpose.

2. The committee voted down an amendment to revoke asylum status of people (Like the father of the Boston Bombers), who travel back and forth to the country they claimed to fear. The Dem's on the committee killed it because it upsets the "Iranian-American Community." 

3. Senator Sessions R-Alabama accuses the D's on the committee with meeting with LaRasa, Immigration Lawyers and the cheap labor interests, also accuses Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, with being "On Strike," refusing to enforce existing law.

4. Senator Sessions points out that the law prohibiting the entry into our country of those who are likely to be a public charge is not being enforced, flooding our country with feckless, alien mouths to feed, who's only purpose is to supply the Democrat Party with hordes of new voters.


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