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Monday, December 10, 2012


The GOP is taking great strides in distancing itself from the image of the "White Party."  They are doing it by legislating to give more and more visas to the hordes of foreign grad students in our universities.  They are also unashamedly doing so at the direct request of American tech sector companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm and Oracle.  They are also all over the TV with show and tell programs about the necessity of handing out visas to foreign students to "keep our tech industry competitive."

The question is, who are we competing with.  The answer is ourselves.  That is, the Tech sector whores  want to hire more cheap Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern drones in order to keep down tech sector wages.  Screw the natives, we can make more money importing tech coolies to replace them.  It's been stated that American kids just don't so STEM studies anymore.  Perhaps this is because Tech savvy American kids know that the game is rigged and it's better to go into banking or law where the real money is.

This all makes crystal clear that the GOP is a disgraceful paper-mache' copy of the patriotic party it pretends to be.  Indeed they show more loyalty to the Chinese holder of Microsoft stock than they do to the poor American dummies working for Microsoft!  They actually say that we need to import people in order obtain the necessary brain power to sustain an industry invented by Americans only half a generation ago.  The surprising thing is that they, and their destructive, treasonous pro-immigration paymasters get away with saying such things in a nation with mass unemployment, without someone physically attacking them.

If the GOP wants the label of mouthpiece for soulless plutocrats to go away, they should try making common cause with actual Americans.  And they wonder why so many White working class voters stayed home last November.

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