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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Can anyone tell me which of these characters played a man giving away one million dollars of private money to one luck person, and which gives away billions of our money to idiots for their votes?  I'm confused.


  1. This is a joke, no?

    The Black and White photo is of Michael Anthony the flunky of John Beresford Tipton in the old TV Series The Millionaire. Marvin Miller was the actor's stage name his birth name was Marvin Mueller.

    As to the color picture, the man exudes the slime of a politician. A totally run of the mill spineless hack.

    Dan Kurt

  2. You're right Dan. I couldn't help notice the facial similarities. Miller usually played heavies but seems a nice guy in real life. His dopelleganger the Senator on the other hand, is a true political creep.