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Friday, November 30, 2012


I got an email from today that serves as a reminder that in the global village, telling the truth is no defense.  Amazon informs me that feedback I left about a purchase violates their "Feedback guidlines," and must be removed. Here is the offending text.

"Items were as described. No misrepresentation.  Items were of Pakistani manufacture so may not meet demanding requirements eg, may bend where German or other higher grade steels would not.  Still, probably OK for most hobbyist purposes."  

What are Amazon's guidlines?  Amazon suggests that one refrain from self promotion or the promotion of other products.  Amazon also doesn't want reviewers to divulge the personal information of other Amazon customers, and they are dead set against "Obscene or abusive language."

Perhaps these is some language barrier at work here.  I implied that as a rule, cutlery and surgical instruments made in Pakistan are second rate.  I didn't say they were obscenely second rate.  I just wanted other purchasers to know that if they expected to use these surgical implements for actual surgery they had better have their malpractice insurance paid up.

Amazon took months to detect my "Obscene" slight to the Pakistani precision instrument industry.  This is truly remarkable as every Amazon representative I have ever encountered was clearly from the subcontinent.  I hope this lapse of deference to the honor of the Pakistanis cutlery industry does not result in a fatwa.  Perhaps I should move.

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