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Saturday, November 17, 2012


After long travel and a stint in the hospital I'm back and surveying the physical and political wreckage.

To the left's mind, Proudon's maxim that "All property is theft." carries with it the corollary that all politics must be bribery.  We have just seen the working out of this in the late election.  The left have finally mobilized enough disaffected pieces of the Demos as to be able to overawe the remainder of society.  This result has been a long time in coming.  It had little to do with ideals or reason and nothing whatever to do with the common good.  These groups voted for the non-white candidate in hopes of getting a handout.  Hispanics want more and more of their compatriots to swell  their ranks and create latin polities.  They want our money to help them along simply because they are here and believe that what we have we stole from others.  Muslim immigrants are the same while hoping to rid themselves of contact with our Christianity.  Blacks have always voted for the party that gives them things while burnishing their resentments.  The newest splinter group is the wide swath of unmarried White women who like their Black sisters, have decided that the federal government is a more convenient source of support than husbands.  Youth, who also voted for the President, seem to gravitate to him as a transformative figure.  As unlettered as they are, they should be forgiven for mistaking an academic poseur for a leader.  Remember, they have never met an actual leader.

The flooding  of our country with legal and illegal immigrants coupled with the existing Black population is well on it's way to replacing white population with people who share neither the culture or the aspirations of traditional Americans.  The phrase "The American" dream, which meant the dream of freedom from government interference is now taken to mean the right of foreign peoples to make money here under the awning of an patronizing government.

All this is to point to the real culprit, Democracy.  Democracy makes it possible for the government to fall into the hands of the least productive elements while searching for "Justice."  Only in a Democracy can one political party literally import foreigners to swell it's ranks.  In what other state can a plutocratic elite capture the political system to use it against the native population?  What other kind of government allows those who neither work nor abide by the law to cast votes?  Where other than in a decadent democracy can the army of government workers grow and grow, voting itself constant raises at the expense of the productive sector?

Our corrupted egalitarian democracy has been eating away at our traditions, culture and political checks and balances for a long time.  It is probably too late to reform the current system.  But in the economic and political collapse to come there may be ways to salvage something of the nation that we were.  But only if we finally reject the egalitarian ideal and the slavery to the mass that it entails.

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