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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


For those of us who are seething at the cowardice of the conservative media on the national question, tonight is a grim satisfaction. 

Formerly GOP states like Florida and Virginia are now toss-ups and the news bunnies, and hacks reporting are forced to concede that the invasion of Hispanics and other foreign undesirables have turn those states demographics on their heads.  And scrutiny of Ohio's election minutia is a window into America's future.  Large minority populations squatting in moribund urban centers control through lock step tribal voting, the productive wealth of the state and it's electoral clout. So our future is forecast.  The demographic decline in the productive population has brought about a political reality in which White Americans are no longer in a position to defend themselves via the GOP.  And the geniuses on the tube are just getting around to understanding that all the outreach to Hispanics is a delusion.  The waves of Russians, Middle Easterners, Hindus and Muslims we have allowed just give the parasite party the balance of power. 

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