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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I gave the morons on FOX too much credit.  They are now in the full, we are in a new era with a new demographic reality. This sets the stage for further hispandering and the rise of all sorts of strange creatures running as Republicans to little or no avail. 

 Speaking of morons, Rod Dreher is just out with the news that this will be the last election where the GOP seeks to win via the white vote.

To be clear, the GOP has refused to become officially what it already is in reality, the white peoples party.  If it ran as such with due attention to jobs for actual Americans, a sensible foreign policy, and an end to immigration etc. the GOP could win on into the foreseeable future.  This will never be allowed by the neoconservatives and the cheap labor crowd who pull the GOP's strings so we're in for a real struggle.

The best we can hope for in the short term is some sort of alliance between the Tea Party and the remaining Buchanan faction truly needs to find funding from some source other than the above.

NOTE: As I write this it seems that Obama has taken Ohio, thus the race.  There is some dispute.  Krauthamer is now explaining it all so I need to turn off the TV now. 

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