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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Howard Dean the screaming ex-presidential candidate gave us a troubling preview of things to come this morning.  He dodged a question on MSNBC's Morning Joe program to launch into an accusation of voter fraud/intimidation in Ohio and Indiana.

So it has already begun.  The Democrat's are already in full "those racist Republicans have stolen the election" mode.  And this before any results are in.  For all we know Obama the magic mulatto will serve another four years.  Perhaps Dean senses a defeat. 

There appear to be two main loci of irregularity.  Ohio is having paper issues relating to provisional balloting.  This may well turn out to be an equal opportunity glitch effecting voters of both parties.  The other early case concerns Philadelphia. Here, the local all Democrat, all Black ward leaders  physically removed court appointed GOP poll workers.  This is really quite typical of how diversity works in my country.  Once a district becomes minority majority, all the rules go by the board.  To protest these little pockets of Zimbabwe in our midst is difficult in the face of the inevitable allegations of racism.  The poll workers are back but only after judicial intervention, and who knows what mischief took place in their absence? 

The GOP will be charged with racism no matter who wins, but if Obama loses and blacks riot, knaves like Dean will be partly responsible.

I will comment today on the election from time to time.  The car wreck of American Politics is too much to avoid watching.  And like all car wrecks there will be no winners but some will be more injured than others.

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