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Monday, October 1, 2012


Over at Alan Jacobs blog there is a lively discussion on  the moral tone of the film Casablanca.  Several commenters brought up the question of sequels, prequels and re-do's.  I couldn't resist.

"I’d like to see a sequel in which Lazlo the resistance leader lives on to become Commissar of Culture in the People’s Republic of Czechoslovakia. Ilsa leaves him for Klaus Kinski and overdoses in 1965.  Captain Renault retires as a functionary at the French Mission to the UN under Mitterand.  Rick's bar in Atlantic City is closed to make way for casino expansion.  He retires to Boca Raton Florida where he meets and marries Lauren Bacall, widow of Humphrey Bogart.  They drink a lot."

Note: I took the liberty of improving my comment.  For the whole thread visit Jacobs blog at the American Conservative.  

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