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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Over on Steve Sailor's blog I mentioned a local trend that for all I know, may be spreading slowly across the land.  In my work in county government low these many years ago I came across  bridge closings that were met with a certain genteel glee.  That is, the residents of the country road with a defective bridge lobbied hard to dissuade the government from ever repairing that bridge.  The cause of the curious reaction is twofold.  As suburbs expand more and more pressure on local roads ensures.  Recent arrivals soon grow weary of the traffic jams and go looking for back roads to avoid the crush, thus turning country lanes into racetracks.

By keeping the bridges out of commission the locals call off the race and get a cul de sac neighborhood in the bargain.  There are two such cul de sac via enforce de-bridging in my area so far.  I'm wondering if this is a low level trend or just a local phenomenon.  Only next flood season will tell.  

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