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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Clark Stooksbury over at The American Conservative is piling on to the establishment impulse to destroy a rather hot headed Florida man named Zimmerman who got into a confrontation with a black seventeen year old.  It looks like Zimmerman, (who is actually Hispanic) is a self proclaimed neighborhood watchman in his gated community.  He went after the kid and things degenerating into a fistfight and from there to a mortal chest wound to the kid.  Well, the kid was black and his parents, the national media and the Rev. (sic) Al Charlatan demand the blood of the white bwana.  We've been here before and the Obama Administration will intervene to make sure that Zimmerman is ruined no matter what the local grand jury finds.

Zimmerman may have brought all this on himself but it's instructive to see how a case such as this exposes the self destructive nature of what passes for conservative journalism.  Both Stooksbury, and Rod Dreher fell over themselves to make it plain that they could cry for the hapless Zimmermans blood at least as fast as The Nation and The New York Times.  Stooksbury is really a libertarian with a penchant for skewering conservatives.  I suspect that he writes for TAC because it is own by Ron Unz, another libertarian who doesn't mind running a "Conservative" magazine that is less and less conservative all the time.  Dreher is a proponent of the religion of nice.  When not writing about his family and recipes, he advances moderately old fashioned observations to the army of leftists, deviates and religious blue stockings that followed him from one blog address to another.  He is the father of the now defunct "Crunchy Con" tendency.  Perhaps cringing con would be better.  He may be a masochist.

Clearly I don't find the guilt or innocence of Zimmerman as interesting as the degree to which we have degenerated into a country where blacks are considered an endangered species, and like an endangered species, harming them is objectionable far beyond any harm they may do to the rest of us.  If Zimmerman can be destroyed by establishment/media consensus, then we are all living beyond the rule of law.

Another aspect of this case is the degree to which the left press such as The Nation openly manipulates their reportage to make a case against our Second Amendment rights.  They are almost more against the Florida right to carry law as they are at Zimmerman.  One wonders how long they waited for a Zimmerman situation to crop up.  No one will mention in the national media that Florida law favors the right of citizens to exercise discretion in defending themselves due to the failure of the old liberal laws.  Democracy it seems only applies when it disarms the citizens, not when it empowers them to defend themselves.

There will always be Zimmerman cases.  All Rights can be abused, but if we lose a right every time a black kid gets killed, we will soon have none.

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