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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've been following this story as it unfolded for 48+ hours on France24 TV. The desire to use this tragedy to cripple the LePen candidacy is palpable.  All the commentators are now crestfallen that the murderer has been exposed as a Muslim.

Not to be thwarted by facts, they now imply that anti-immigration rhetoric by the right may be responsible for setting the poor guy off.  LePen MUST be responsible somehow!

Another aspect of this is the shocking intelligence that the shooter and hundreds of other young Muslims are known to have been to AFPAC for training but are allowed to reside in France.  It seems that the UK and Germany all have AFPAC trained terrorists living among the public.  Of course these human land mines are adjudged Frenchmen, Brits', and Germans due to our stupid multi-cultural, self defeating orthodoxy.

If these countries insist on being "Propositional Nations,"  would it be too much to ask that terrorist training overseas would count as a No to the proposition and thus cause to revoke citizenship?

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