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Sunday, March 18, 2012


According to the New Your Times, Brian Lamb, creator and head of CSPAN is stepping down.  At Seventy he's more than justified.  I write this blog more in judgement than praise but I can only speak with utmost praise of Mr, Lamb.  I am extremely grateful for his peerless coverage of our nation's political and governmental life as well as it's exceptional coverage of books and American History.  CSPAN gets no funding from the Federal Government yet puts so called public media to shame.  (I know, public media knows no shame but if they had any, they'd feel it in relation to CSPAN.)

If we followed the example of the Japanese and elevated citizens to the estate of National Treasure, Brian Lamb would be my first candidate.  I wish him well in retirement.

Let's pray that the truly nonpartisan example set by Mr. Lamb is continued.

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  1. Tom: Excellent! I could not agree with you more. Having watched BookNotes for years, my own view is that Brian Lamb is perhaps the least heralded, and yet the greatest interviewer of my lifetime. As far as I'm concerned, no one else is even close.

    Who has ever brought more knowledge to the table, or been able to quickly tap into the wells of knowledge of the great writers of our time? And, who but Brian would have also had the intelligence or capacity to resist the temptation to put his own personality into his work? It was never about him, which was really at the heart of his genius.

    I honestly considered an interview he once did with Shelby Foote to be one of the great educational experiences of my life. I can still see and hear portions of it in my mind's eye.

    One can only hope he puts together a book about his interviewing experiences.