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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Polling suggests that many Americans believe President Obama is a secret Muslim.  Of course this is nonsense but why do they persist?  Left journalists rely on this to hammer Southerners yet again as ignorant fools.  But what is actually behind this?

Without peering into his soul, no one can know for sure.  But his actions until now give us no reason to suspect that he is anything but a callow non-believing product of the Affirmative Action - Higher Education Establishment.  For instance, he was willing to sit every Sunday for Twenty Years listening to a Black Liberation blowhard.  This doesn't sit well with secret Muslim affiliation.  It is a perfect fit with the mindset of an atheist political operator with a need to prove his Black credentials.  I doubt that Obama listened much, although the hate whitey language probably gave him a chuckle.

Obama has ordered the killing of a lot of Muslims.  That's an odd way to advance his "Faith."  I think people who confuse his deference for third world peoples, including Muslims, confuse his sympathy with them with an interest in their, or any religion.

Southerners, who are more interested in being discerning than with the trappings of superficial education, detect this alienness in affection in the President and, not being interested in what it might actually be, pronounce him a Muslim.

To understand this shorthand I exibit the following.  Once, when a spokesman for the Georgia Democrats was reminded that Newt Gingrich represented  Georgia.  He indignantly countered that Gingrich was not born in Georgia and probably came from France.   So for many, "Muslim" is the new "France."      

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