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Monday, January 23, 2012


Rod Dreher over that The American Conservative asks, "Who Gave Us Newt Gingrich?"  He joins the chorus of people dismayed at how our electoral process inflicted this defective choice upon us.  To which I respond.

"Mass Democracy will always produce mediocrities in the same way that television produces crude entertainment. And yet the solution to the degradations of mass Democracy and mass culture is always to have more of it.  It's the plant that must never be pruned.  

If we want better politicians in office we need to have requirements to run for those offices. Neither Obama or Newt ever held a serious executive position. There is no evidence of Obama every having taken a single course in Economics. Romney avoided national military service. We are a society that wants the very best in leadership while insisting on egalitarian mediocrity at every turn. All democracies strangle themselves, but it’s pathetic that this fundamental observation of the conservative spirit is never mentioned here. (The American Conservative)

If there truly were a Republican Establishment, they would be doing whatever it takes to get a decent Republican Governor to jump in a la DeGaulle, coming out of retirement to save the Republic.  We need someone with the presence to capture the boobs imaginations while presenting a history of actual accomplishment. Imagine having a real convention again.

Unfortunately, there is no single establishment.  So we're saddled with whoever looks acceptable on TV." 

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