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Monday, January 30, 2012


Rod Dreher at The American Conservative posted a letter from an aggrieved Roman Catholic lawyer who feels betrayed by the Obama Administration's compelling Catholic hospitals to pay for contraception and I think, abortion.  So the outrage of the useful idiots continues.  Here is what I wrote in comment.

It’s hard to feel sympathy for John Grogan or any Left-Catholic on discovering that the beast they are riding is not a donkey but a Hyena. The secular liberals who run the Democratic party never attempted to hide their belief that secular politics of their persuasion should be the only occupant of the public square. Now Grogan feels himself betrayed.
The aim of all left organizations is to expunge all sources of particularity and power in society save the government. And of course that government “represents” us all at the lowest common denominator level. In short, the Democrats are the party that never ceases to meddling.  Catholics like Grogan were presumably content when the Democrats meddled with others, but he is now surprised when they meddle with him.

Ron, I wish you success in getting this issue more and more in the public consciousness.

What a jest that the elite who seek to banish the church and all other non-state actors from society, are the product of an academe made possible by the autonomy of the Medieval Church. Universities only exist because the Church created and protected them for centuries. Students and professors were protected from state interference by their status as clerics, hence, clerks. Yet they now turn out specimens like our President, who would treat the Church like just another arm of their managerial state.

Much of our conception of freedom comes down to us from the extension of charters, privileges and immunities that characterized medieval Catholic legal thinking. Particularities and missions were recognized. But now all must be fitted as cogs in the brainless machine constructed by these ungrateful spawn of a soulless academy.

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