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Sunday, January 22, 2012


According to a Russian scientist, there is evidence of life on Venus.

Life spotted on Venus: Russian scientist

IANS Jan 21, 2012, 10.14AM IST
MOSCOW: Several objects resembling living beings were detected on photographs taken by a Russian landing probe in 1982 during a Venus mission, says an article published in the Solar System Research magazine.
Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute of Russia's Academy of Sciences published a research that analysed the photographs from the Venus mission made by a Soviet landing probe, Venus-13, in 1982.

The photographs feature several objects, which Ksanfomaliti said, resembled a "disk", a "black flap" and a "scorpion".
All of them "emerge, fluctuate and disappear", the scientist said, referring to their changing location on different photographs and traces on the ground.
There are many fine scientists in Russia.  But this strains credulity.  As I understand, it back during the space race days, the Soviet Union bet that Venus, rather than Mars would be the more interesting neighbor planet to explore.  Sadly the common belief that venus might be a warm wet everglade proved false. Venus proved to be a place of almost volcanic heat, so one after another space probe melted on delivery.  Life's likelihood of existing in something like a poisonous kiln is extremely unlikely.

But the scientist did see something.  Perhaps given the noted Russian penchant for ballet, it was the Fire Bird! 

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