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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I hadn't intended to post anything regarding the Martin Luther King Jr. until The American Conservative announced the identity of its new blogger.  Noah Millman introduced himself as a supporter of Obama, homosexual marriage, and mass immigration among other left positions.  So as to not be misunderstood, he also wanted everyone to know that he is a former Wall Street Bankster and an early supporter of our war on Iraq.  Between other endeavors he is pitching stories to Hollywood.  Well, you have to give him credit for pure nerve.

Of course Noah Millman can't be faulted for being Noah Millman.  But Ron Unz the publisher/owner is to be faulted for taking this latest step in the metamorphosis of The American Conservative into the American Opportunist.

Millman, in order to trumpet his arrival in the most brash and transgressive way, went on at some length about Ron Paul and the late and unlamented Martin Luther King.  I won't bore such readers as I have with his point, except to say that he holds the late Rev. in some regard.  This prompted me to introduce him to what actual conservatives think and thought about this man.

Martin Luther King was a thorough going scoundrel foisted on us by the dominant media of the day. His association with communists, his plagiarism, his whoring, his foul mouth, and his deep dishonesty about his objectives were all available to anyone who wanted to see this man for what he was.
The establishment needed black “leaders” with whom to negotiate, as if Black Americans were some sort of alien population. Thus the establishment fell into the trap of recognizing the Black Clergy as the official voice of Black aspiration. Unfortunately, the Black Clergy is the most corrupt element in that population. So the nationally recognized leader of the Civil rights Movement was a devious underachieving blowhard.
I Suppose this site still has some presumption to the title Conservative. Yet no conservative of the King era saw King for anything but the mountebank that he was. And yet people writing for conservative journals assume that we are all children of the Civil Rights Revolution. In fact, we are all victims of that revolution with it’s anti-white affirmative action, escalation of the regulatory state and the collapse of our urban centers into barbarism.

This is all very sad, generations of Americans pay reverence to a man who's legacy is subversive humbug.  I remember the Reverend vividly as he was then and can understand how the young of today see him as a secular saint.  At the time he was operating however many, perhaps most white Americans saw him as a problematic character.  There was no presumption that everything out of his mouth was a message from God.  Nowhere in his personality cult for instance, will it be mentioned that from the beginning, he and the rest of the reverends stated over and over that the Civil Rights Movement was just that, a movement to enforce the rights of Negro citizenship.  But no sooner had the Civil Rights Act of 1964 been passed than King, bolstered by the far left-wing aides and mentors he always denied having, began demanding "Economic Justice."  Economic Justice, for the uninitiated means the redistribution of money from white hands to others. And so it has been ever since.

King was devious in hiding his real goal from all the White Americans who trusted him to be a patriot and a man of some character.  We know now that he was neither.  His actions reveal a man who was always more interested in the advancement of his people alone, and at the expense of others. 

If there is one pivotal American who represents the decline of our old republic from the thing it was to the balkanized kleptocracy it is, it would be King. 

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