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Friday, January 14, 2011


Robert Gibbs, Obama’s outgoing press spokesman conflated our right to assembly with the Tucson shooting yesterday with amusing results. He implied that the shooter was a threat to our constitutional right to free assembly. He also injected the usual happy talk about the many freedoms we Americans enjoy and will protect. This prompted what sounded like a Russian journalist to enquire if these freedoms amounted to the right of any lunatic to shoot anyone at any time. Great question! Gibbs just didn’t know what to say beyond denying the charge.

If Gibbs had been honest he wouldn’t have wrapped up a simple homicide by a kook into a constitutional question. Must everything that happens be a source of soul searching? Have we gotten so used to using and hearing such rhetorical gibberish that measured responses to simple events are a thing of the past?

If the potential for acting out by mentally ill individuals constitutes a treat to the constitution, what does the President propose to do? This all sounds like the old joke lapel pin……SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH OR I’LL KILL YOU!

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