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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I apologize for using this photo given its placement everywhere on the net.  But it is something we never thought to see isn't it. 

It would seem that  the only rights we may enjoy are those not yet misused by criminals, and Muslim fanatics.  And since these groups can be counted on to abuse any freedoms we have, we can expect greater and greater government intrusion and bullying.  Our government stands ready to degrade us for our own good while slavishly avoiding actual threats.

In some quarters this phenomenon is call Anarcho-Tyranny.  It refers to the drive by governments to respond to genuine threats by clamping down more and more on the victims rather than the perpetrators.   If followers of an alien and backward religion commit acts of terrorism against us, our government responds by allowing their unfettered immigration among us.  If we notice and object, hate speech laws are enacted.  If time and again Muslims attack our vulnerable commercial air fleet, then it is we who must be exposed to radiation and groping. 

A motto of the nation used to be In God We Trust.  Now it's Brotherhood or Else.

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