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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Local Quakers, desiring that all men might live as brothers, invited local Muslims to a night of show and tell designed to promote Muslim-community understanding. As usual the polite noninflammatory questions of the community were met with Muslim evasions and half truths.  Par for the course, Muslims fibbing and Christians stifling the urge to laugh out loud.  Surely some sort of medal should be awarded to those who resisted spit balling the Muslim who assured the audience that Muslims were here in North America well before Columbus.  As proof Mr. Muslim claimed that the Spanish testified to meeting Indians with Islamic names.

I will not bother refuting this idiocy.  What this story does illustrate is the willingness of Muslims to believe and repeat any tale that justifies of advances their cause.  I've seen this before and it is one of Islam's least palatable attributes.  Such people can convince themselves that the Israelis brought down the World Trade Center and that the US Government, which practices suicidal multi-culturalism, is at war with their religion.  Anyone charged with gathering facts from Muslims knows from experience that the first impulse of the Muslim is to consult his image of how things ought to be and recite this so that no blame accrues to "his people." It is this flight from reality in the service of what they believe reality should be that is the reason  all Muslim immigration to Europe and the Western World must cease now.  People who deny objective reality cannot be citizens of a republic governed for the common good.   It's against their religion. 

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