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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So, just why was this swarthy little bastard granted citizenship in my country?  Why was he occupying a seat in an American institution of higher learning, a seat that could have been used by an American student?  Were we suffering a deficiency of uneducated Muslims from failed states?

While the country is embroiled in controversy over illegal immigration, no one dares bring up the question; with over 10% unemployment why are we admitting people from the Third World to our already overcrowded land?  Obviously the multiculturalists and the cheap labor crony capitalists have no concern for the safety or prosperity of their fellow citizens.  Indeed do they even think of us as fellows at all?  The Immigration act of 1964 needs to be repealed immediatly.

But what about all the parasites and worse that have already been admitted?  When was the last time we heard of a revocation of citizenship?  The only cases I can remember is of elderly Latvian autoworkers accused of being ex-Nazis.  Are we in any way keeping track of our newly minted fellow citizens?  How are they working out so to speak?  How any "refuseniks" who turned out to be Russian gangsters have we deported?  How many Somali refugees who live off welfare have we sent back?  When did the last shipload of Nigerian scam artists depart?  

If we still wish to be considered a serious country, we must hand an EXIT ONLY sign over immigration desk.  More on this later.

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  1. And, one more question . . . why was he taken off the a Department of Homeland Security travel lookout list after 2008?

    Jim Hoft has more on the issue here with lots and lots of links!