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Friday, April 23, 2010


One can't say much for their uniforms but the Taliban penchant for retro-motorcycles does give them an certain flair.  I see also that they have upgraded from flip-flops to tennis shoes.

At least our expensive Middle East adventures provide our troopers more interesting mementos.  Our old contretemps with the communists offered distinctly poorer pickings.  Red proletarian accouterments were strictly hardware store quality, lacking all luster.  The only thing interesting to be found in the pockets of a dead Viet Cong would be something he had collected from a dead GI.

Our German Japanese and Italian opponents of the 40's on the other hand, provided trophies of distinction, particularly the Germans who seemed to have ceremonial daggers for every service, rank and hobby imaginable.  As a boy I found a German helmet, a Luftwaffe field cap, and a fine dagger among our families booty.

Years later I acquired (peacefully) a Pathan Dagger.  I'm sure things like it are coming home to delight school boys across America.  I hope they treasure them for they are bought at great price.

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