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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


From todays Washington Times:

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg urged Congress on Wednesday morning to pass legislation to keep known terrorists from buying guns in the United States.
Mr. Bloomberg testified four days after a Connecticut man who received explosives training in Pakistan attempted to detonate a car bomb in New York's bustling Times Square.
"This is a dangerous and serious breach of national security," the mayor told the Senate Homeland Security Committee. "It's time to close the 'terror gap' in the guns laws . . . and take other steps to prevent terrorism."

As Rahm Emanuel said, "never let a crisis go to waste."  Bloomberg's reaction to an incident involving a naturalized citizen who never fired his gun is typical of those who follow Emanuels dictum.  As he has no use for facts, I'll inject a few.  The Times Square bomber was already violating a law when he purchased that 9mm pistol found in his car.  As a firearm purchaser he was required to answer the question as to whether he was a member of a violent group.  Of course he lied.  He was obviously not on a watch list so what is Bloombergs point?  He has no point, save for limiting the second amendment rights of his fellow Americans. 

Bloomberg must be insulated from critical opinion as he senses no contradiction between his own immigration enthusiasm and what just happened in his city.  The bomber was granted citizenship and thus could lawfully purchase a firearm.  His only violation was the undetectable lie on a form.  I've filled out this form on many occasions and I can assure Bloomberg that there is no truth fairy present to detect  fibbing.

Bloomberg's opportunistic use of of this failed bombing is just the latest example of what Sam Francis called Anarcho-tyranny.   That is, government bent on ever tightening control of the citizen while ignoring the criminal, the alien and the dysfunctional.  The continued importation of primatives from the back of beyond while disarming and suppressing the citizenry is exactly what this is.

And in related news our President, who always complains about our lack of civility, has taken to calling citizens attending Tea Party events as "Teabaggers."  You'll need to visit a porn site to translate that accurately.  It wouldn't be civil of me to translate.

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