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Thursday, May 13, 2010


As usual, a Supreme Court appointment is being fought over  false premises.   Questions are raised about Elena Kagan's intentions and philosophy with a view to predict her actions on the court.  But I must ask, why ask how she would perform on the court when we can examine her previous Supreme Court record?  That's right, her previous rulings. For surely she, as a clerk to Thurgood Marshall, penned at least a few of his decisions.  I know this sounds cynical, but letting a neophyte eager beaver (no pun intended) perform your professional duties makes perfect sense to a certain kind of mind.  And the semi-senile deeply political Marshall had such a mind.

It's not as though her and others ghost writing of Marshall's opinions, was a secret.  Even liberal uber journalists found the practice poor form.  "Marshall, the only black Justice, has given up. 'I'm going fishing,' he tells his clerks. 'You kids fight the battles. What difference does it make? Why fight when you can just dissent?' from: The Brethren, 1979 by Woodward and Armstrong.  And, According to Chambridge historian David Garrow, "Thurgood Marshall (1967-1991) became disengaged in the 1980's, spending afternoon watching T.V. and letting his clerks do his work."

Elena Kagan, like the man who nominated her, is an affirmative action, apple polishing, careerist, who spent considerable time being useful to the left establishment while avoiding a paper-trail.  She will serve the interests of that establishment to the detriment of traditional America.   And like Obama, she lacks the candor to admit any of this.  So rather than ask Solicitor Kagan what she will do, why not examine the Marshall/Kagan record for what she already did?

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